Seeing is Believing. A Peek into the Work of a Virtual Reality Research Engineer.

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 02-21-2018

He may be working in virtual reality, but Bhautik Joshi’s been making his dreams an actual reality since he was a kid.

When Bhautik first watched Star Wars as a child, he knew he wanted to work in film. Flash forward to 2007, and he’s working at Industrial Light and Magic, the company behind the visual effects of Star Wars and a plethora of other movies. Then when he started to get more passionate about photography, he found himself at Flickr. It comes as no surprise then, that when an opportunity at Adobe came knocking, Bhautik couldn’t help but answer the door. After all, Adobe was the next step in his journey of pursuing a career that balanced art and science.

Today, Bhautik is a Senior Research Engineer in Adobe Research working on virtual reality video with the Premier Pro and After Effects team. Through his work, Bhautik is working closely with the product teams to improve high quality VR video editing. His team is also working hard to push the bounds of technology by making VR more immersive, such as making it possible to edit videos directly within VR and making high-end filmmaking in VR a reality.

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Through his work, Bhautik also gets to work with other companies to improve VR technology and explore how they can best support more cameras. Through this collaboration, Bhautik is in a unique position to focus on building and improving technology for a wide variety of partners. “Adobe plays in a space where we’re a neutral party to some of the world’s most beloved brands. Because of this, we get access to a wide variety of partners looking for our help to improve technology. This gives way to a lot of different and interesting problems to solve with product and research,” says Bhautik.

The partnership between the Adobe Research team and Product team is a close one too. A large part of Adobe’s innovation is reliant on the connection of these teams, as they work together to apply complex research concepts to actual products and features.

But the icing on the cake for someone like Bhautik, is getting the opportunity to build for himself. “A big chunk of my work is actually building tools that I’ve always wanted as a creative. This blend of art, science and technology is unique to Adobe.”

And that’s the beauty of working on the Research team at Adobe—the limitless opportunity to work with talented and incredibly smart teams to solve challenging problems. “It’s like being surrounded by candy! We get to solve real world problems that are new. Sometimes we’re working on such new complex problems, that we reach a point where no one in the tech industry is working on the projects we’re doing. Those days you take on the responsibility and learn as you go, and that’s so cool.”

As Bhautik continues to innovate in this space, he looks forward to seeing how far VR technology can go before the next generation of technology comes to life.

“I consider Adobe the end of my very long journey to find a creative and technologically advanced company. When I was a kid, I dreamed of being involved in the filmmaking process of movies, and I accomplished that. Now that I’m at Adobe, I can continue to create for creatives for a long time.”

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