The CMO Show Joe Pulizzi


The CMO Show Joe Pulizzi

by Mark Jones And Nicole Manktelow

Posted on 02-26-2018

For digital marketers, the big news story of 2017 was Isentia’s axing of King Content after paying nearly $38 million for the brand in 2015. The big question on everybody’s lips is whether or not the move was a harbinger for the demise of content marketing all together.

According to entrepreneur, author, podcaster and founder of the Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi, that’s simply not the case. The bubble burst and the fad is over, so who is left standing?

“Those companies that really invested in it. They had a strategy. They integrated throughout their entire organisation. They committed to it. They focused on the needs of their audiences and not what they wanted to sell. Those companies are really successful,” Joe says.

“There’ll always be some organisations that aren’t going to get it and that’s fine,” he says.

“If you look at the budget spent on advertising versus the budget spent on content marketing, you’re talking about the size of the sun with advertising, and Pluto for content marketing.”

The value of content marketing according to Joe is building a loyal audience that will invest in you, no matter what you’re selling.

“We have to understand that when you build an audience you could do more than just sell your own products and services. You’ve got to realise that in two to three, four years you might not be selling those products and services. You might be selling something else.”

“If you are a really good storyteller you’re going to continue to deliver those quality stories, those quality experiences over a long period of time so that you don’t have to sell. The selling happens automatically because they love you for it.”

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