Set Yourself Apart as a Marketer – Get Smart on Adobe’s DMP

by Rakhi Patel

posted on 02-28-2018

I remember when I was buying online media in 2000. The industry was leveraging traditional media strategies and transferring these strategies to digital. My process included a conversation with the publisher to negotiate CPMs live, manual unique URL creation for tracking ad unit success, an excel spreadsheet for attribution and measuring CPA, and a fax machine to distribute I/Os. Today, we have DSPs and the Ad Cloud. The rest of my career included building internal systems to manage web sites and custom CMS systems. Today, we call this experience management. I also convinced companies to invest in email versus direct mail for more real-time personalization and efficient marketing practices. Today, we call this cross-channel management.

The punchline here — if your career isn’t evolving with the technology stack and the evolution of industry, you will no longer be able to differentiate yourself with unique skillsets, build strategies to remain competitively relevant, or lead teams that truly manage moments with your brand.

And no matter what you’re hearing in the market —DMPs are, and will be, considered an integral part of the martech cloud stack. No other solution (though I may be slightly biased) aggregates data from key sources, enables modeling and access to additional data sources, enables marketers to transform this data into audiences, and enables activations across channels in real time like Adobe Audience Manager (AAM), Adobe’s DMP. Plus, AAM has bidirectional integration points with Adobe Analytics, the industry-leading enterprise platform for customer intelligence. How much do you know about Adobe’s DMP?

Don’t just take our word for it

Whether you’re using a DMP today or considering a DMP in the future, Adobe Summit is one key place to learn about Audience Manager, its integrations with the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, and its evolution as a technology offering. Digital experts from brands such as Lenovo, T-Mobile, Sky, and U.S. Bank will be speaking in the Data and Analytics track alongside Adobe experts. Key topics will include DMP 101, organizational readiness, data science, identity management, and enterprise DMP.

Drinking our own champagne

In addition, we have an entire session devoted to how we drink our own champagne, run by Anton Miller, senior digital media strategist for According to Miller, “The DMP has allowed marketers to get control of their data, truly understand who their customers are, and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly to serve-up relevant and personalized experiences.” As a power user of AAM, Miller believes the tool is “incredibly powerful and there are so many features and options that it’s critical to build ‘DMP literacy.’”

Building your schedule

We get it, Adobe Summit can be overwhelming! Whether you’re looking to learn more about Adobe Audience Manager or are interested in maturing your existing practice, we’ve compiled a list of recommended Audience Manager sessions to help you build your schedule and make the most out of Adobe Summit 2018. This handy landing page also organizes AAM sessions by mini-tracks and topics:

See Adobe Audience Manager Sessions

Building a foundation: Whether you’re an advertiser, publisher, or Adobe partner, these foundational sessions will help you get smart on general DMP jargon. Our experts will cover key use cases, showcase product features, and provide inspiration for building DMP organizations within your enterprise.

Grow your practice: Built with the DMP practitioner in mind, these sessions will focus on advanced use cases — how to gain insights, leverage Adobe Sensei technologies, manage identity, and move from a media DMP practice to an enterprise DMP practice.

Get technical: Adobe’s engineering team will dive into the Audience Manager UI and provide workbooks and hands-on support in these DMP-focused labs. Close out your Summit experience as we bring it all together by showcasing how our own leverages Audience Manager. Please note, these sessions are highly technical.

See you in Vegas!

Get more information about Adobe’s data management platform here:

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