AutoAnything Reaching Customers with the Highest Lifetime Value

by Paige Pace

posted on 03-02-2018

Reaching Customers with the Highest Lifetime Value

Specialized automotive products retailer AutoAnything understands how important customer data is to good decision making. That’s why the long-time user of Adobe Analytics in Adobe Analytics Cloud started training marketing and merchandising teams to understand and analyze data so they can better recommend products and engage with high-value customers.

“As a company that heavily relies on data to drive our business, we have benefitted from invaluable insights delivered by Adobe Analytics for nearly a decade,” says Brandon Proctor, President, AutoAnything. “Adobe Analytics enables advanced and relevant customer insights in a digestible and actionable way; our success is dependent on the analysis we glean from Adobe.”

By pulling data from all channels, AutoAnything never loses sight of the customer journey and can more easily identify specific campaigns and channels that help to drive offline orders. AutoAnything analyzes the browsing habits and engagement channels of high-value customers so it can optimize its marketing and reach them before they buy from competing companies. Additionally, the data can help minimize contact with customers who show a low probability of long-term engagement.

The merchandising and marketing teams are experiencing firsthand how data can make them more successful. Paying close attention to data enabled merchandisers to identify an issue with the way Google was indexing some web pages. A minor change fixed the issue and doubled product sales overnight. Similarly, a social media marketer using data to better understand the impacts of paid social grew paid mobile revenue by more than 400%.

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