Watch Your FSI Experiences Generate Incredible ROI by Adding Experience Manager Livefyre to Your Adobe Stack

by Eileen Trieu

posted on 03-02-2018

As a marketer working in the financial services industry (FSI) —retail banking, insurance, capital markets— you know you’re in a constant struggle to find enough relevant and engaging content for educating your customers, not to mention just communicating with them. On top of that, delivering personalized experiences has become a business-critical requirement that can make the difference between winning a new customer or losing to the competition. In fact, a study by the Harvard Business Review showed that organizations that incorporate personalization in their marketing strategy realized up to 15% more revenue.

One of the most powerful ways to meet these challenges is by leveraging the voice of the customer via user-generated content (UGC). This remarkable marketing tool is critical to sourcing quality content, enhancing your company’s brand value, creating engaging communities, boosting employee morale, and more.

Research shows that UGC directly impacts conversion, brand trust, and revenue.

But it’s hard to find enough personalized UGC, much less deliver it across all of your audiences at scale. How can you quickly and seamlessly incorporate UGC (and personalization) to your marketing mix? Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre! By adding Livefyre to your existing Adobe stack, you can inject authentic and personalized UGC across the entire customer journey.

Make UGC your competitive edge—with integrations

With direct integration between Livefyre and AEM Assets, brand-created content sits alongside highly curated UGC from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. This provides your creative teams with a holistic view of all available content within the Assets interface. Direct integration with AEM Sites lets you easily drag & drop UGC and engagement apps (comments, polls, etc.) from Livefyre into your web pages, making them more interactive. As a bonus, you can quickly deploy UGC experiences in physical locations with the Livefyre and AEM Screens integration.

Watch this video to learn more about Livefyre’s integrations with AEM.

And what about personalization? That’s where implementing Adobe Target with Livefyre can help. With this combo, you can turn on an entirely new content source that gives you everything needed to deliver impactful personalized experiences.

Use Livefyre to search social channels by hashtag and/or keyword, and benefit from the power of Adobe Sensei-powered Smart Tags to quickly and automatically find the UGC you need—whether it’s three pieces or thirty. Then, employ Adobe Target to serve the optimal content experience to the right audience segments, at the right time. This eliminates the workload from your team, and ensures every UGC touchpoint is exactly what you want it to be.

Watch this video to learn more about how Livefyre can be used with Adobe Target.

Let’s dive deeper into specific use cases

1. Supercharge brand perception by adding UGC to community, philanthropic and event promotions

Limited time, money and resources are no longer an issue when developing content to promote and recap events and corporate responsibility initiatives. Instead of investing in expensive photographers and videographers, let your customers and employees tell the story via high-quality images and videos. After all, they are the most authentic storytellers for your brand.

We.Finance leverages UGC to highlight corporate responsibility volunteering events and displays the content in a Livefyre media wall visualization.

2. Social proof takes your financial education efforts to the next level

Forward-thinking FSI brands are differentiating themselves by educating and empowering their audiences with much-needed financial information resources. If you’ve created a microsite or carved out real estate on your website for educational content, Livefyre lets you easily add engagement tools like comments, reviews, real-time chats and more. Now your readers can promote your best content, spark conversations and share personal tips, stories and advice. This ‘social proof’ immediately makes your portal a more interesting and engaging place to be. It also builds trust and credibility, and ultimately can create loyal customers for life. The AEM Sites integration dramatically accelerates the ability to incorporate these Livefyre engagement apps into your educational experiences.

We.Finance uses Livefyre comments to increase engagement and facilitate conversation on their financial literacy communities.

3. Personalization and automation—The secret sauce for driving conversion with UGC

In the competitive world of financial services, it can be hard to differentiate your products and offers from your competitors. That’s why personalized experiences can be just the thing to tip the scales in your favor.

For instance, do you have a credit card promotion that you want to offer to college graduates, travelers or small business owners? UGC provides peer validation that drives sign-ups and influences conversion but you must show each audience segment enough highly personalized and relevant content to engage them. Livefyre and Adobe Target make it simpler than ever to get enough content and create personalized experiences. Leverage Adobe Sensei-powered Smart Tags to search relevant content that Livefyre automatically collects (no need to involve your team) and then deploy this content to your audiences via Adobe Target. The result is relevant, personalized UGC experiences (testimonials, social media content) with peer validation. Powerful tools you can employ to influence conversion along the customer journey.

4. Bring UGC experiences to customer touchpoints in physical locations

Showcase the values of your brand, event highlights, and corporate responsibility efforts at banking branches or other physical locations, creating a seamless and consistent experience whether the user is online or in person (or both simultaneously!) With the responsive design in Livefyre and integrations with AEM Screens, it’s easy to format and publish UGC experiences on any digital signage from mobile to jumbotrons.

We.Finance shows the impact of their marketing campaign to fundraise money for wildfire relief by displaying UGC on digital screens in their banking branches.

5. Increase employee morale and improve the employee experience

Employees can become your biggest brand advocates and the best way to accomplish that is to drive engagement via UGC. After all, research shows employees expect the same authentic experiences at work that are ubiquitous in their personal lives media. UGC can be employed to boost your brand image, increase employee satisfaction, create advocacy, and so much more.

The Livefyre and AEM integrations make it easy to manage and deploy content from employees’ social media channels and engagement experiences across your company’s existing channels, including your intranet and screens around the company campus. These are easy, low-cost ways to showcase stories from employees and help human resources teams get more visibility into how employees are truly feeling. Plus, it can proactively foster dialogue that allows employees to feel their thoughts, concerns, and voices are being heard.

Safe, secure, and amazingly effective

Livefyre makes it secure and seamless to deliver compelling UGC experiences that meet business goals. It’s SOC 2 and ISO27001 compliant, features best-in-class rights request and moderation tools, and can be implemented with other solutions in Adobe Experience Cloud, meaning you can always incorporate UGC experiences with minimal risk.

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