Japanet Improves Production Efficiency with Adobe Stock

Image credited to Tomasz Zajda

by Adobe Experience Cloud

posted on 03-06-2018

Japanet Group is a fast-growing retail force in Japan. The company started as a mail order shopping business and then expanded to enable consumers to purchase goods through a wide range of media, including television, radio, newspaper leaflets, catalogs, internet, and mobile sites.

Supporting the content demands of these different outlets requires a coordinated effort by the company’s production department. End users, who rely heavily on Adobe Creative Cloud apps including Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC for multimedia design and production, told their operations support that Adobe Stock could dramatically improve workflows. For instance, designers could select and edit a low-res, watermarked image directly from their creative apps, and then purchase it with a single click once the project is approved.

To help its media production staff work more efficiently, Japanet Takata, the company’s media production and marketing division, purchased Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise and Adobe Stock for enterprise.

“We knew that people had been waiting for Adobe Stock, but we didn’t realize how much,” says Kiyotaka Omoto, Senior Leader, Facility Strategy Department, Japanet Holdings. “The reaction from departments has been extremely positive, with people saying that it’s saved a great deal of time and effort. For example, previously it may have taken someone 2 hours to find and purchase just the right stock photograph. Now it takes them just 30 minutes with Adobe Stock.”

Production departments at Japanet work independently so greater visibility with Adobe Stock can eliminate repeat asset purchases while improving content standardization and project continuity. Users reached the annual download estimate in six months, proving the overwhelming need for the Adobe Stock service.

In the future, the company hopes to strengthen cooperation among its print, web, and video production departments to save both time and money. Japanet Group is also working closely with Adobe to address some of its internal security hurdles so it can increase integration between Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock for even greater production efficiency.

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