Celebrating International Women’s Day

by Katie Juran

posted on 03-07-2018

Today is International Women’s Day, and for those of us based in the U.S., we’re celebrating Women’s History Month as well! This past year was arguably one of the most meaningful years we’ve ever had for women, with the power of the #metoo movement and the focus on driving meaningful change, from Hollywood to corporate leadership.

For Adobe, we’ve focused our diversity and inclusion initiatives on building the talent pipeline, attracting diverse candidates and enhancing the employee experience. We’ve made strides in enhancing our benefits to better support employees and their families with greater time off – something especially valuable to our many new moms. We’ve also made a commitment to gender pay parity globally by the end of this year.

To make true progress in diversity, we also are extending the conversation beyond our own programs to customers and partners.

In line with this, we’re excited to join the UN Women’s Unstereotype Alliance, a global coalition of more than 20 industry leaders working to eliminate gender bias and harmful gender stereotypes from advertising. Given Adobe’s role in helping major brands and agencies design and deliver advertising, our hope is to collaborate with these companies (and customers!) on an ongoing campaign that encourages creatives to share work addressing these important issues.

Additionally, we are celebrating #DiverseVoices in the creative industry, building on our recent Sundance Film Festival momentum with women in film. We are also investing in helping young people, especially young women, explore their creative expression and technology skills through programs like Project 1324 and our Adobe youth coding initiative. Finally, our partnership with the 3% Conference shine a light on diversity of creative leaders in advertising.

At the end of the month at Adobe Summit, we’ll be engaging many of our enterprise customers in conversations about how we can join forces to advance diverse talent within our organizations. If you’re attending Summit, we would love to have you join us!

If you can’t make it – don’t worry, we will have plenty of great content on the blog and Adobe Life blog throughout the month. Watch this space for insights from leaders who represented Adobe at the MAKERS conference — and employees active in our Adobe & Women employee network!

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