How You’ll Interact with Customers in 2020

An infographic on how you can use the latest technology in customer experiences

by Adobe Experience Cloud

posted on 03-07-2018

Prepare to meet your customers on new channels and with new mediums. Ben Gaines, group product manager for Adobe Analytics Cloud, says, “Emerging technologies bring more opportunities to connect with customers, especially those with unique needs, desires, and ways of interacting.”

To compete on customer experiences, you need to keep an eye on new technologies to embrace the experiences customers expect.

The Adobe 2017 Digital Trends Report tells brands what capabilities will be essential to meeting consumer demands: “A key part of delivering differentiated customer experiences in the future will involve looking beyond mobile and focusing on the Internet of Things, augmented reality, and virtual reality.”

Doing so means putting the technology stack in place that can embrace these and other customer-preferred emerging technologies. To get started in understanding what your customers will expect in the near future and, therefore, what you must deliver, take a look at this infographic and what it says about the technologies that will power 2020 customer experiences.

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