Making the Scene in Hollywood

Over the past few months, the stars have gathered at various awards shows to honor creative filmmaking that inspired, entertained, and moved audiences around the world. While the entertainment world celebrated, Adobe prepared to make its own splash in Hollywood. After enjoying significant momentum across film, television, and web productions, Adobe is now more dedicated than ever to expanding outreach to and deepening relationships with the editorial community. To that end, Adobe is expanding its presence in Los Angeles by significantly growing locally based business development, engineering and workflow specialists, to focus on providing the type of professional-level support that Hollywood demands.

Adobe is a company synonymous with digital art and creativity, beloved by professionals and hobbyists alike. In recent years, Adobe Premiere Pro CC has grown into one of the most promising professional editing systems on the market. What do the movies Hail, Caesar!, Deadpool, and Gone Girl have in common with the award-winning TV series MINDHUNTER and Atlanta and sketch comedy mainstays such as Portlandia and Saturday Night Live? All of these projects were edited using Premiere Pro.

“Adobe Premiere Pro CC started gaining momentum in the independent film community for its mix of accessibility and professionalism, but seeing it make a difference in big-budget Hollywood movies and television shows has been very exciting for us,” says Steven Warner, Vice President of Digital Video & Audio at Adobe. “One of the reasons that Premiere Pro has grown so quickly is because Adobe knows how important it is to listen to editors, assistants, directors, and post supervisors and deliver rich features that support them without getting between them and their vision. This is why having a team based in Hollywood and talking directly with working professionals is so important to us.”

The Adobe Hollywood team is already engaging with major editorial and post-production guilds, including America Cinema Editors, Motion Picture Editors Guild, and New York Post Alliance, to learn more about what today’s top editors and assistants need in their tools and share information on what Premiere Pro can do with the community.

A closer proximity to the movers and shakers in the entertainment industry also means that Adobe can expand outreach even further, offering more local training sessions and one-on-one relationships with editors and assistants working on film, television, and online projects. In addition, the community can access tutorials, explainer videos, customer testimonials, and interviews on Adobe’s Inside Hollywood’s Cutting Rooms playlist on the Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube channel.

By connecting with the community and gathering valuable feedback, Adobe will continue to enhance Premiere Pro for professional editors. With every release, business development teams and solution consultants eagerly await news about how editors are pushing the limits of Premiere Pro to achieve amazing results.

Adobe takes this feedback and pushes its own developers to continue the cycle of excellence. Some of the most exciting features of Premiere Pro, such as the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously or allow teams working in the same location to share and lock projects, originate from the feedback of actual Adobe customers working on high-profile productions and putting Premiere Pro through its paces.

But the power Premiere Pro gives editors is only half the story. Premiere Pro also integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud apps such as Adobe Photoshop CC, After Effects CC, and Audition CC to form an end-to-end professional post-production environment ideal for modern media professional. Director, writer, and editor Joel Coen saw this for himself when working on Hail, Caesar! “As cutting becomes more involved with visual effects, it’s become increasingly important that you have platforms like [Premiere Pro and After Effects] helping you see the film as you go along,” he says.

“You can see that [Adobe] is a company that has a unique understanding of what it is to be able to offer an end-to-end solution,” says Gone Girl and MINDHUNTER director David Fincher. “And if you can put those tools in the hands of people who want to make it happen, it’s going to be about the quality of the ideas.”

Adobe is excited to reach more members of the editing community in all corners of the entertainment industry to help build an ideal editing system that will help inspire and create. The time is now, and Adobe is ready for its close-up.

See what Joel Coen, David Fincher, and many more have to say about working with Adobe Premiere Pro.