Adobe Target Enhances Optimization Performance at Scale with Leading Program Management Tools from MiaProva

by Drew Burns

posted on 03-13-2018

Customer experience is king. There’s no way around it. In today’s modern environment – with the proliferation of devices and touchpoints – brands need to deliver personalized, exceptional experiences no matter where customers are engaging.

But, we know you know this. You’re vigorously experimenting day in and day out to deliver these high-engaging experiences to your customers and you know how mission critical experience optimization is to your business. Adobe Target’s features, such as our enterprise permissions and machine-learning automation within the testing workflow, have enabled you to rapidly scale your programs across both digital touchpoints and the different divisions in your organization. And today, we’re excited to showcase an additional expansion to the great work you’re already accomplishing in your optimization program with Adobe Target by incorporating additional program management features from MiaProva.

Adobe Target + MiaProva

You can think of MiaProva as an additional optimization management layer that sits on top of Adobe Target – enabling you to extend what’s possible with your testing and optimization efforts. By leveraging the combined power of Adobe Target and MiaProva, you can scale your testing and optimization programs even further, get more visibility into test prioritization, and better summarize your program’s contribution to the company’s bottom line. Because MiaProva’s optimization management tools were built to leverage Adobe Target’s architecture, tests you conduct are operationally scalable and the results are delivered in real-time.

Daniela Trifone, the senior optimization lead at British Telecom, had this to say about levering the offerings together:

“MiaProva helped British Telecom’s digital test and learn programme move to the next level and helped us transform our Adobe Target work into an enterprise-wide optimization program. As a distributed practice, we needed an effective way to improve awareness and visibility of running tests. MiaProva is allowing a better coordination and sequencing of tests across British Telecom digital properties. We really appreciate the ability to share updates on the optimization roadmap with no effort, ensuring everyone is informed about what’s being tested when.”

MiaProva’s Admin Console. Users of MiaProva can download a generated certificate file, which they can then upload into their Adobe I/O account to ensure MiaProva and Adobe Target are in sync.

The combined power of Adobe Target and MiaProva enables you to achieve the following.

Guided test workflows that streamline execution

MiaProva gives you access to a prioritized list of all of the current test requests from your company in Adobe Target. Using MiaProva to guide the testing workflow, a test is automatically assigned to a development resource. Developers can access the testing requirements in MiaProva to build the test and then push it directly to the quality assurance (QA) team, test requestor and the test managers for review. The test managers and QA team can report back any bugs directly to the developer. Once the test is tweaked, approved and published, MiaProva automatically takes screen shots of the experience and sends them to you. Teams can also see the waitlist of tests, progress status, and more.

Reporting and customization to align organizational goals and workflows

You can access a curated record of all current tests conducted in Adobe Target; filter tests by result, location, goal or workstream; easily see how the tests are performing; and automatically generate a test result summary that can be sent to key stakeholders in your organization. These reporting capabilities detail the collective impact that tests running in Adobe Target had on your organization’s KPIs. This enables you to showcase the true value of your optimization programs to the rest of the organization.

MiaProva also offers customizable alerts based on performance, test issue, or API error, so you can get alerted in real-time if something bad or good happens.

Program Overview in MiaProva. This is where customers can get an aggregate review of all success events and metrics included in Adobe Target tests or metrics from using Adobe Analytics for Adobe Target.

The ability to make personalization a company-wide initiative

Leveraging tools in MiaProva, anyone in the company can submit a test idea for consideration. The personalization team can vote on the idea based on estimated business return and estimated level of effort. These ideas are then given a score and prioritized accordingly.

At Adobe, our goal has always been to help customers like you deliver amazing experiences for your customers. Now, with the combination of Adobe Target and MiaProva, you have all of the resources you need to build, manage, and execute powerful optimization programs to move the personalization needle even further.

Check out MiaProva and other technology partners in the Adobe Exchange partner program on the Adobe Exchange marketplace for more information and installation instructions.

Also, be sure to catch a deeper dive on program management best practices with Adobe Target and MiaProva on Thursday, March 15 at 10 a.m. PT by registering for our Personalization Thursday webinar here.

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