Spring Forward: The March Release for InDesign CC and InCopy CC

by Wayne Hoang

posted on 03-13-2018

The March 2018 InDesign CC release contains a series of enhancements to make it even easier to use InDesign. You can now use Photoshop or Illustrator shortcuts in InDesign, and use endnotes in InCopy.

The release also includes improvements to core features like previewing documents in the New Documents dialog and more analytics about how your Published Online documents are performing.

Use Photoshop and Illustrator shortcuts in InDesign

If you’re comfortable using Photoshop and Illustrator keyboard shortcuts, now you can assign them to InDesign. Simply go to Edit > Shortcuts, and under the Set menu, select Photoshop or Illustrator shortcuts.

Preview documents

Back by popular demand. You can now preview the settings of a document before creating a new file in the New Document dialog window.

Document presets for latest mobile and tablet devices

When you start a new document, InDesign provides presets to help you get started quicker with the right dimensions. In the March release, we’ve added the latest presets for mobile and tablet devices, including the iPhone X and Samsung S8.

Rich analytics for Publish Online documents

Publish Online is a powerful feature that lets you to share your InDesign documents online. Now, you can track your published documents at a more granular level. Track the performance of each document by average read time, total read time, and the devices used to access them. Learn about Publish Online.

Export document as separate PDF pages

If you use InDesign to export PDF documents, you now have an additional option to export your final documents as separate PDF pages. This new option is especially targeted to help production designers, who work with printers or partners that need all pages as separate PDF files. This new feature saves time that would otherwise be spent writing a script or exporting pages one at a time.

Merge multiple paragraph borders

Last year’s release of InDesign allowed you to create borders on a single paragraph border. We’ve enhanced the feature to support borders that enclose multiple paragraphs. Learn about Paragraph Borders.

Export and edit endnotes in InCopy

Endnote support was added to InDesign last year. InCopy now supports endnotes as well. Now you can export and edit endnotes right within InCopy. Text frames and endnotes work seamlessly between InDesign and InCopy.

We’re excited about all the enhancements with this release. What we’ve outlined here are just the top features — we always target bugs and improve the stability of the app with every release. If you have a feature you’d like to see in the next release, let us know on the InDesign User Voice page.

Topics: Creativity, Design

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