Enhancing Fan Engagement

by Adobe Advertising Cloud

posted on 03-14-2018

When a major sports organization wanted to boost fan engagement, it came to Havas for guidance. The organization wanted to excite fans about viewing upcoming games, encourage them to buy merchandise, and entice them to subscribe to additional content services.

Havas partnered with Adobe to develop dynamic, personalized ads using Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative As a process, dynamic creative optimization automates the creation of dynamic ads in large quantities. Manually producing unique banner ads for each week’s match ups – more than 300 per season – would have been difficult and expensive. Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative uses a single framework to build and scale animated ads according to each user’s device.

By using audience segments from Adobe Audience Manager in Adobe Analytics Cloud, Havas could also personalize ads with greater precision. For instance, a fan’s favorite team may not be the one they currently live nearest. It could be their spouse’s favorite team or the team they grew up watching as a child. Whatever the case, Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative automatically delivers ads with assets for their favorite team, including a countdown to when the next game begins.

Adobe Audience Manager also helps Havas target banner ads featuring the fan’s favorite team to promote the sports organization’s subscription services. These ads have helped increase basic subscriptions by 20%, premium subscriptions by 44%, and total subscription revenue by 31%.

“Campaigns as complex as these would have been nearly impossible with traditional methods,” says Michael Kaushansky, Executive Vice President, Chief Data Officer, Havas. “We estimate that we saved hundreds of hours of labor and tens of thousands of dollars in costs, helping us increase the return on investment for premium subscriptions by 75%. By taking some of the technical tasks off our hands, Adobe allowed us to focus on realizing the client’s vision and make this campaign a reality.”

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