Scale Your Technology Brand’s Content Production with Experience Manager Livefyre

by Eileen Trieu

posted on 03-16-2018

Technology companies must meet the demands of a variety of different (and unique) audiences, and that includes delivering individualized content. The problem is, with so many audiences, few companies can keep up with quickly deploying content while keeping content production costs down. The solution is to incorporate user-generated content (UGC) into your marketing mix. When done right, UGC can meet the demands of your users while offering an authentic ‘word-of-mouth’ aura to your branding.

And how do you do UGC right? By adding Experience Manager Livefyre, Adobe’s UGC platform, to your existing Adobe stack. Now you can keep up with content production demands by injecting authentic and personalized UGC across the entire customer journey.

Here’s how it works.

Make UGC your competitive edge — with integrations

With direct integration between Livefyre and AEM Assets, brand-created content sits alongside highly curated UGC from Instagram and Twitter. This provides your creative teams with a holistic view of all available content within the Assets interface. UGC can quickly be published onto your webpages thanks to the integration with AEM Sites. Want a seamless UGC experience in physical locations, too? The Livefyre and AEM Screens integration offers your visitors a consistent brand experience online, in-person, or both.

Eliminate the heavy lifting of finding and curating content with machine learning capabilities

Moderating content and conversations on your digital properties can be time-consuming and costly. But with machine learning and automation features in Livefyre, you can more efficiently manage what’s happening on your webpages. Streamlined approval workflows speed up the process of getting rights to publish content, meaning you can take content to market faster and drive down costs. Smart Moderation in Livefyre automatically flags questionable content the moment it arises, enabling moderators to review on-the-fly. And thanks to machine learning, the software continuously refines its ability to find explicit and offensive content.

You can also take content curation to a whole new level with Smart Tags powered by Adobe Sensei in Livefyre. These enable you to search for what’s in images — not just the text and descriptions associated with the image. With Smart Tags, images are automatically tagged with attributes, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Personalize and test UGC experiences to drive conversion and revenue with Adobe Target

Deliver a non-stop stream of relevant user-generated images, videos, and comments — personalized to each of your audience segments — with Adobe Target and Livefyre. You can even A/B test UGC or engagement experiences to find the ones that best resonate with your audience and deliver the experiences that lead to more conversion.

OK, enough of the nuts and bolts. Let’s dive deeper into specific use cases.

  1. ****Add personalized commenting experiences to ecosystems and communities

It’s a proven fact that offering users an interactive and contextual commenting experience in a knowledge base or support forum — ones that feature articles where peers can learn from each other, provide feedback, and have direct conversations with company engineers — ensures customers and stakeholders have access to the resources they need for success with your product or service. By adding Livefyre’s sidenotes and comments to these communities, you can seamlessly create an interactive community where readers can ask questions and make comments in context. This adds the voice of the customer and fosters conversation within your online communities, providing a more useful and relevant experience to site visitors.

An example of how We.Tech provides a more interactive and relevant digital experience by adding Livefyre comments to their online help community for developers.

  1. ****Capture the buzz about your brand at conferences — in real time

Craft powerful, compelling stories by combining your own editorial content with UGC. With Storify2, Livefyre’s liveblogging app, you can create a dynamic pressroom or blog to highlight the scoop around product and company announcements in real-time. Check out how Intel did this at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). And with the AEM Sites integration, you can quickly deploy liveblogging to multiple webpages automatically.

We. Tech brings the social media buzz around their product announcements to their blog posts, creating an authentic and compelling story that leverages the voice of the tech community and their customers.

  1. ****Use UGC to deliver personalized and actionable experiences that drive revenue and conversion

Employ the voice of the customer to improve conversion and revenue. Pair UGC with relevant calls to action (linking to a whitepaper, downloading an app, or pointing to a product detail page) in order to guide customers through the purchasing journey. You can easily personalize and test UGC experiences for each audience segment with Adobe Target. For example, check out this webinar outlining how T-Mobile is using UGC to power their winning switcher campaign.

  1. ****Seamlessly extend UGC into your physical environment, with amazing results that build your brand

Showcase the buzz about your product, the values of your brand, event highlights, corporate responsibility efforts, and much more on digital screens in stores or at trade show booths. This creates a seamless and consistent experience whether the user is online or in person (or both). With the responsive design in Livefyre, it’s easy to format and publish UGC experiences on any digital signage and then seamlessly integrate with AEM screens.

  1. Increase employee morale and improve the overall employee experience

Employees can become your biggest brand advocates, and the best way to accomplish that is to drive engagement via UGC. After all, research shows employees expect the same authentic experiences at work that are ubiquitous in their personal social media platforms. UGC can be employed to boost your brand image, increase employee satisfaction, create advocacy, improve employee retention, and help you attract top talent.

The Livefyre and AEM integrations make it easy to manage and deploy content from employees’ social media and engagement experiences across your company’s existing channels, including your intranet and screens around the company campus. These are easy, low-cost ways to showcase stories from employees and help human resource teams get more visibility into how employees are truly feeling. Plus, it can proactively foster dialogue that allows employees to feel their thoughts, concerns, and voices are being heard.

Isn’t it time you unlocked the true power of UGC?

UGC is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool. But, as a marketer in the technology industry, you need the right implementation — one that combines unparalleled personalization with automation, enabling you to keep up with any amount of user demand, and makes the most of your existing Adobe stack. Livefyre can be implemented with other Experience Cloud solutions, empowering you to reach diverse audiences in an authentic, personalized way.

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