Adobe Summit, High-Tech Style

The must-see sessions for high-tech marketers and technologists.

by Jill Steinhour

posted on 03-19-2018

High-tech companies of all types are transforming how they work, sell, and serve. As part of these transformations, marketing functions are being called upon to do more and more — deliver seamlessly across channels, leverage big data, create differentiated and personalized experiences, accelerate content creation, even contribute to sales goals and reduce cost to serve.

Adobe technology is often key to transformations in the high-tech industry. So, no surprise that the 2018 Adobe Summit is full of first-hand insight into how leading high-tech organizations are streamlining processes, increasing their marketing returns, and finding ways to delight customers in unexpected ways.

Can’t-miss Super Session

Data Domination: Next Chapter in Big Data’s Role and Evolution in High Tech

If you’re ready for the next chapter in big data competency, you won’t want to miss this session. A team of experts from Adobe and Microsoft will discuss how high-tech organizations are building and running next-gen analytics functions. The conversation will cover everything from personalization specifics to organizational best practices — and will give you ways to evolve your organization’s big data approach.

High-tech through a B2B lens

Across Summit this year, you’ll find experts speaking to topics essential for high-tech and business to business (B2B). Here are a few you should consider.

S415 – B2B Personalization at Adobe: Show Me the Money!

Personalized experiences are essential these days. But organizations with a B2B focus often lag in personalization, hindered by complex customer journeys and the need to appeal to numerous decision makers. In this session, you’ll discover how technology, data, and organizational collaboration can change that.

S221 – 3 Keys to Transform Business: Cisco’s Journey to Digitize Content with AEM

In terms of content volume, Cisco has the record for the world’s largest Adobe Experience Manager installation. If you want a real-world example of aligning global experiences across 90 countries and deploying AEM at scale, this is the session for you.

S910 – Data is the New Oil! Accelerating Automotive Consumer Engagement

A super-charged brand experience is the new currency, and data is the fuel to deliver it. Automotive brands are discovering how to do just that. Hear from automotive marketers about their journey to excellence, and discover how they’re using data to get in front of the curve.

S964 – Realize the Promise of Content & Commerce to Create the Ultimate Experience

Content and commerce are inextricably linking in this fast-moving world, particularly for high-tech and B2B companies. That’s why top performers not only engage customers with compelling messages and personalized content, they complete the experience with a transaction opportunity. This session will explore how to make the content-to-commerce experience immediate, seamlessly integrated, and ultimately delightful.

You’ll find a broad spectrum of highly relevant sessions, from the latest in AI-driven marketing to specifics on media measurement and valuation. So be sure to spend some quality time with the session catalog — but don’t browse too long. Many of the sessions are filling up quickly.

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