Amp up Your 2018 Summit Experience

Must-attend sessions for retail, consumer goods, travel, and hospitality brands.

by Michael Klein

posted on 03-19-2018

Customer experience has always mattered in retail, consumer goods, travel, and hospitality. But now it’s the thing. Plus customers’ experience expectations are sky-high. The standard is now personalized, contextually informed experiences that seamlessly transition from online to offline. And brands in these industries must deliver great experiences to survive, let alone thrive.

For those looking to thrive, Adobe Summit is yet again the place to be. Below are some of the sessions you’ll want to catch for your industry.

Can’t-miss super sessions

The 90-minute Super Sessions take a deeper look at how top brands are using Adobe Experience Cloud to create exceptional customer experiences. They’re popular for a reason, so you’ll definitely want to reserve your space.

Super Session: Retail in the age of disruption

Retail is changing fast, but retailers with a digital foundation can turn disruption into opportunity. Take Foot Locker, for example. In this Super Session, you’ll learn how their solid digital foundation is transforming their organization and differentiating their customer experiences across channels. You’ll also get to engage with a panel of retail experts in an open town-hall forum, as they explore opportunities and challenges ahead in 2018.

Super Session: Creating Timeless Experiences in Travel and Hospitality

Travelocity, Avis, and Air Canada are evolving their customers’ on-site, off-site, and in-trip experiences—and mastering the art of the possible in travel and hospitality. Attend this session and discover how they’re delivering exceptional moments for their customers and creating timeless experiences across the myriad of channels and touchpoints their customers traverse.

Success stories to learn from

Retail, consumer goods, travel, and hospitality brands are doing amazing things using Adobe solutions. With numerous sessions showcasing this latest wave of digital transformations, you’ll find plenty of inspiration and information for your own path to success. Here are a few to consider.

For retail

Nordstrom: Mastering digital retail with Adobe Experience Manager Assets

To deliver the exceptional experiences it’s known for, Nordstrom must provide personalized and inspiring content across channels. Hear how it leverages Experience Manager Assets to scale and measure content production, plus gain deeper understanding of what resonates with customers.

For consumer goods

Creating Customer Connections Through Design and Innovation

Coca-Cola’s brand is 130+ years old, while Sonos is a brand born in the digital age. But they share in common a dedication to creating meaningful customer connections. Leaders from these two brands will discuss how companies, both old and new, can attract new customers while remaining loyal and authentic to the ones they’ve had for years.

For travel and hospitality

How Delta Air Lines Flew Its Optimization Program to Success

Delta knows first-hand the huge impact Adobe Target can have on the experiences you deliver customers. They also know it also takes the right team, mindset, and approach. Learn from their journey to a high-performing optimization and personalization program.

Profit through Personalization: A better customer experience at Subway

Subway is creating experiences that are driving significant revenue growth in online sales every day. Learn about Subway’s analytics and personalization operating model, and how this strategy can be applied to improve experiences across industries.

On-Topic Sessions

Across Summit, you’ll find sessions dedicated to topics critical to retail and travel.

Personalization at scale

The power of personalization for retail and travel brands is undeniable, but it has to be done at scale to succeed. For personalization at scale, consider these sessions:

Redefining the in-store experience

Despite claims a few years ago to the contrary, digital didn’t kill the in-store experience. It made it more important than ever. Some sessions focused on in-store experiences:

Powering experiences with data and content

Data and content might seem old hat now for retail and travel brands. But with AI and machine learning changing the game, it’s critical to keep up with sessions such as these:

Nearly all of these sessions are filling up quickly, especially the super sessions, so be sure to sign up soon.

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