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Introducing the Adobe Audience Manager Practitioner Certification Exam

by Nina Caruso

posted on 03-19-2018

Data management platform (DMP) has become an increasingly popular acronym in the ad-tech and mar-tech ecosystems. Finding top talent who can manage data, segmentation, and activation — those mission-critical pieces that go into managing a DMP — is in high demand. For customers who are either just implementing Adobe Audience Manager (AAM), the industry’s leading DMP, or expanding AAM usage throughout the enterprise, it can be hard to determine which employees, partners, or potential new hires have the right skills to manage the tool, drive insights, and unlock return on investment (ROI).

Adobe aims to make finding the AAM experts easier by introducing our first Audience Manager Certification Exam. The first and only certification of its kind in the DMP space at-large, this first certification will be geared toward business practitioners measuring a candidate’s familiarity with data ingestion, segmentation, and activation activities within the AAM platform. Candidates are expected to have a minimum of six months of experience with the tool. Adobe partnered with digital agency Digitas to help develop this brand-new exam.

“As we’ve seen a meaningful growth in our Audience Manager customer base in the last several years, it’s important to Adobe that we provide our customers and partners the right tools to assess DMP skills. By working with a great partner in Digitas to create this differentiated and unique certification, we are now able to grow our Audience Manager expert community — and thus further our customers’ ability to unlock ROI and fully utilize the DMP as a core asset in their experience-driven businesses,” says Ali Bohra, director of product marketing for Adobe Audience Manager.

Is this like the SATs all over again? Why should I take this test?

Receiving an AAM certification can help you or your company stand apart. Achieving “expert” status as a business practitioner signals to the market, your employer, or a potential customer that you have established core skillsets and required knowledge to successfully use this relatively new tool in the marketing stack. This can help unlock new business opportunities and position you and your organization as a leader in your space.

“We are thrilled to offer thoughtfully created content and a certification exam to our partners, who can then leverage this to win new business and signal to their clients their expertise in the DMP field,” says Tony Sanders, senior director of Americas Partner Sales.

OK, sign me up

Investing in yourself and your organization is always important. Showcasing an Audience Manager Certification on your resume, LinkedIn bio, or professional bio can help provide that unique credential to make you the best candidate in the growing data management space. As a partner, having certified resources in an emerging category can ensure your client understands you are the best in the business. For a client, these certifications are equally valuable to help identify qualified resources. Access the Audience Manager Business Practitioner Exam Guide to kick start this exciting journey.

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