Quickly Engaging Tech Talent

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 03-20-2018

As a player in the information and communications technology (ICT) market, Data#3 knows how important it is to quickly and easily onboard ICT professionals to maintain its competitive advantage. When paper-based processes caused missed recruitment opportunities, Data#3’s resourcing division implemented Adobe Sign, integrated with Salesforce.

Recruiters used to email contracts to job candidates and then wait for them to print, sign, and then either scan and email them back or send them by regular mail. The process could take several days. But by integrating Adobe Sign with its Salesforce CRM system, contract processing is now a simple two-click process that’s 98% more efficient than before.

“With approximately 20 to 30 roles open at any one time, the amount of physical paperwork to manage was getting out of control,” says Tash Macknish, Group Manager – Organizational Development & Human Resources at Data#3. “Any change to a contract would require another version to a document, which resulted in onboarding delays. In some instances contracts would go back and forth 10 times before finalizing. We’ve now had a record of an employee being sent and returning a contract within 2 minutes, all fully recorded and auditable.”

After implementing Adobe Sign, Data#3 estimates HR staff members spend 20 fewer hours per week on contract administration and mandatory fields and field validation in Adobe Sign has dramatically reduced data entry errors. At the same time, the company saves money on paper, printing, document storage, and records management.

The new e-signature workflow also helps protect confidential, sensitive information that may be included in employment contracts, such as bank account details. These personal details can only be seen by departments that need access to the information. The success of the resourcing division and HR department means that the company will now be exploring how Adobe Sign can streamline other manual processes.

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