Adobe Campaign Unveils New Mobile Capabilities for Marketers: Multilingual and User Time-Zone Push

by Bruce Swann

posted on 03-22-2018

The ability to catch up on email and surf the morning news on your phone during the train ride into work, to comparison shop online when evaluating TVs in-store or have Alexa tell you if it’ll rain has become second nature. Consumers’ increasing use of mobile makes it unsurprising that mobile devices will account for 79 percent of all internet use in 2018 globally (source). Perhaps even more intriguing is that by 2018, more than half of all consumers will be using mobile devices first for anything they do online, according to Gartner.

For a marketer, it’s more important than ever to grasp how to manage mobile moments – those moments when a consumer engages with a brand whenever, wherever and however they want, more often than not, on a mobile device. To better manage these moments, globally and at scale, marketers need to be ready. They need to be relevant. Otherwise, they run the risk of a poor experience which could ultimately erode customer loyalty and contribute to attrition.

To support mobile moments, Adobe Campaign is continually evolving mobile capabilities for today’s marketer. Today we’re announcing the ability for marketers to create, translate, deliver and report on localized, multilingual push content. Marketers could already scale campaigns globally across channels like email and SMS channels using Adobe Campaign. The same simple multilingual interface for email and SMS channels is extending to push, helping marketers engage customers regardless of language.

Marketers can scale multilingual push campaign creation by uploading all language variants in a single moment, through a templated spreadsheet. As with all other channels, Adobe Campaign automatically targets the right individual based on that person’s language preference as part of a single delivery, simplifying workflows and reporting while reducing redundancies.

This new capability offers a scalable and automatic solution for marketers managing push campaigns spanning multiple regions and need to target users in their preferred language. Marketers can upload all lingual variants through a templated spreadsheet to a single Push delivery, in one click. Adobe Campaign then performs automatic segmentation based on users’ language preference, helping to reduce the redundancies by simplifying workflows and reporting.

Additionally, Adobe Campaign is adding capabilities to support time-zone optimized deliveries. Marketers can now schedule recurring email, SMS and push notifications to be delivered at a specific day or time in every recipient’s time zone, ensuring messages are delivered at the right time without setting up multiple deliveries.

With Adobe Campaign, marketers can centralize cross-channel campaign management to deliver more coordinated and consistent mobile customer experiences. Benefits of a mobile-inclusive cross-channel strategy includes reducing channel conflict and eliminating data silos, but also increasing engagement, higher conversions, greater customer loyalty, and providing an optimal customer experience.

If you’ll be at Adobe Summit, you can join these sessions to learn more about leveraging mobile:

Wednesday, March 28th, 2:30PM

S303 | Mobile moments with Adobe Campaign

Thursday, March 29th, 11:00AM

S313 | Personalizing Mobile Journeys with Adobe Experience Cloud

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