Adobe Target Feature Announcements at Summit—Building on Delivering Experience Optimization at Impressive Scale

Image source: Adobe Stock / Sergey Nivens.

by Drew Burns

posted on 03-22-2018

We know that for Adobe Target customers, delivering on the dream of an exceptional customer experience wherever and whenever their customers connect with their brand is top of mind. It’s where they focus their energy, investment, and passion. Here on the Adobe Target team, we put a lot of our time, thought, and effort into making sure our technology allows our customers to dream even bigger dreams about the customer experiences they deliver, and to make those dreams reality.

That’s why we’re thrilled about what feels like a tectonic shift in the experiences Target customers are now delivering their customers and in the growth of their experience optimization programs. They’ve dreamed big, and are using Target to turn those dreams into on-the-ground reality—and revenue.

They’re succeeding by taking advantage of the ability Adobe Target gives them to personalize and optimize wherever their customers connect with them—on their website, mobile site, mobile app, Internet of Things (IoT) device, gaming console, customer support interaction, digital assistant, and single page application (SPA) site. They’re leveraging the solution’s persistent, progressive customer profile that updates each time they connect with the brand, ensuring that each successive customer touch across their channels builds on the previous one. And they’re using enterprise governance capabilities to expand experience optimization to more channels and to other divisions across the organization.

There’s no place these successes will be more evident than at the 2018 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas next week. There, Target customers like Silicon Labs will showcase how they’re using Target to bring account-based marketing (ABM) into their downloadable trial version. Swisscom will demonstrate how they’re continuing to push the envelope of the customer experience—this time by using every Adobe Sensei AI capability available in Adobe Target to deliver dynamic personalization at scale.

Seeing all of this gives us confidence that we’re on the right track with our investments in Adobe Target. Namely, we’re investing in developing features that are geared toward enabling experience optimization at scale. That’s because we know one thing for sure—more Target users + use of Target in more places = more success for Target customers.

In this post, we want to highlight some of the amazing ways our customers across industries are using Adobe Target. We’ll even give you concrete measures of those activities with stats from our 2017 Experience Optimization Payoff infographic. Then we’ll wrap up with a sneak preview of some new Adobe Target features and enhancements we’ll be announcing in three separate blog posts during the week of Summit—features that by design will continue to let our customers expand what’s possible in the realm of the customer experience.

The experience optimization payoff for Target customers

This past year, we saw our customers across industries doing incredible, innovative experience optimization and personalization with Adobe Target:

Travel companies were delivering seamless, personalized experiences, with customers searching for lodging on their laptops, checking into their rooms on their smartphones, signing up for amenities at on-site kiosks, and receiving personalized remarketing emails when they returned home.

Financial services and healthcare brands were using Target to personalize dynamic landing pages, mobile app offers, and recommendations based on client browsing preferences and conversations with call center or branch office representatives.

Retailers were triggering personalized promotions on in-store screens based on shopper preferences and locations—some were even arming sales associates with this data to provide better in-person customer service.

But the data nerd in all of us sometimes wants to see those successes in terms of cold hard numbers like revenue, conversion rates, experiences delivered to customers, and activities run. That’s why last year we analyzed anonymized usage data from Adobe Target customers to create our 2016 Personalization Payoff Infographic. It was an eye-opener to see just how customers were using Target, and to draw some interesting conclusions from the data.

That initial 2016 infographic let us put a mark in the sand so that each year we could measure our customers’ progress. The 2017 numbers are in now, so it’s time to let the numbers speak for themselves. Here are just a few highlights from the 2017 Experience Optimization Payoff infographic:

Those were just a few of the highlights. We’ve posted the entire infographic so that Target users can see all the other ways their optimization and personalization programs have been growing and succeeding over the last year.

Let’s move on to Summit and a sneak preview of new Target features we’re announcing there…

A preview of new features and enhancements to Target

Next week at Adobe Summit, we look forward to meeting optimization and personalization superstars from companies like Sky UK, T-Mobile, and Subway. These big name brands and many others will be sharing their personalization tips and tricks, insights, and expertise in the various personalization track sessions. We’re also super excited to attend our Experience Business Excellence Awards session—the culmination of an annual contest designed to let our customers share the types of creative, and often lucrative, personalization activities they’re running.

And as we do each year at Summit, we’ll take the opportunity to shine the spotlight on some new features and enhancements to Adobe Target that we’re rolling out. Without a doubt, the exponential growth our customers have had in personalization program maturity and impact has inspired these recent feature developments. Here are the central themes for the features we’ll be announcing in blog posts being released throughout the week of Summit:

It’s no accident that these new features and enhancements relate to and reflect the changing landscape of digital marketing and customer expectations for the experiences they have with your brand. More companies are turning to data science and artificial intelligence to power their personalization, customers now expect experiences beyond traditional web and mobile touchpoints, and all of this is increasing the demand for more content than ever before.

We hope to see you at Summit next week. But whether you’re there or not, stay tuned to this Personalization blog for more in-depth coverage of our Summit feature announcements this week and next. Also keep tabs on our Twitter and YouTube channel for more videos featuring these ground-breaking advancements.

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