Turning Online Journeys into Real Vacations

Where travelers come from is as important as where they’re going. The founders of Redtag.ca, one of Canada’s top digital travel agencies, have embraced this idea by using customer data to drive digital marketing strategies.

Redtag.ca informs customer experiences with the cross-channel data it collects using Adobe Analytics, continually maturing and modifying its approach to customer attraction and retention. It also benefits from the Adobe Analytics anomaly detection capability, powered by Adobe Sensei, which identifies changes in data that may signal both potential issues and opportunities.

“Adobe Analytics, enabled by Adobe Sensei, helps us stay on top of significant activity on the site to identify opportunities,” says Roberto Gennaro, Chief Digital Officer at Redtag.ca. “With machine learning, we can see beyond basic activities, monitor multiple channels and audience segments, reveal actionable insights buried in data, and act instantly to help ensure we’re delivering the best experiences possible.”

Redtag.ca combines data from channels including online, mobile, email, and its call center into user profiles in Adobe Campaign. The company integrates pre-click email metrics with website behavioral data to identify which vacation packages, activities, or offers resonate with customer segments. Then, it leverages Campaign to target audiences with relevant mobile and online content. This unified approach yields increases email open rates, click throughs, and subsequent time spent on site.

To continue improving its digital marketing programs, Redtag.ca is constantly reevaluating approaches, including putting a greater emphasis on mobile and creating true cross-channel experiences that drive customers to higher value purchases. Success with Adobe Analytics and Campaign have led Redtag.ca expand its adoption of Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, helping the company drive incremental revenue and further differentiate itself from the competition.

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