So-Called Social: Week of March 19

Your weekly dose of social news.

by Lauren Friedman

posted on 03-23-2018

It’s the Friday before Adobe Summit and you know what that means? Next Friday will be the Friday after Summit! We’re almost there, guys. So, some stuff went down on social this week (specifically with Facebook…). Catch up on your social news below.****

Social nets update stuff

As you’ve all probably heard by now, Cambridge Analytica, a company that offers services to businesses and political parties who want to “change audience behavior,” has acquired access to private data on millions of Facebook users. Subsequently, there are quite a few more questions about how Facebook protects user information. Facebook is launching a full investigation into what Cambridge Analytica ultimately had access to and how. The FTC has also opened an investigation into Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg finally apologized and outlined a plan, but things are still pretty shady over there.

Rejoice! It’s time to edit your Instagram bio! Accounts and hashtags are finally clickable.

Oh yay. Another copycat in the mix. LinkedIn just launched some Snapchat-like features for video creators. It sounds like filters and three text styles for video content are coming to a LinkedIn near you. The professional network said that video is being shared 20 times more than other types of content, so, it makes sense.

YouTube is streamlining live-streaming (yeah, say that 10 times fast). YouTube has a new live-streaming feature for Chrome browsers which allows users to easily set up a livestream from their computer without any additional equipment. YT will also be bringing live-streaming to the camera app on select Android devices soon. Neat!

We don’t talk too much about Reddit over here (but maybe we should). A while back, Reddit crossed over to the dark side and started allowing ads on the site. Well now, it’s bringing native promoted posts to its iOS and Android apps. The ads look and feel just like normal Reddit posts — and are even decked out with all the same upvoting and downvoting options, and even comments — although the latter can be turned off.

Adobe does stuff

Stop what you’re doing. Let’s go live. With BØRNS! The special performance and interview, along with a first look at his music video for “We Don’t Care” (which features artwork from the winners of the #MakeItBORNS contest) starts at 3pm PST on Adobe Live, Facebook, and YouTube! Don’t. Miss. It.

Next week’s newsletter will be all things Summit, but here’s a little preview. Don’t forget to check out #HackTheBracket (we’ll have stuff going on all week), tune into the Think Tank Monday, and we’ll be streaming Summit Tank interviews all week, too. Ready to spend the week focusing on the Future of Experience Makers.

Other brands do stuff

I love this campaign so very much. Google has teamed up with Havas, WPP, Omnicom, Dentsu, Publicis, and IPG to launch a global campaign called “Little by Little” that urges Gen Z to complete 2 billion acts of good by 2030. The campaign is rooted in the truth that exponential change can be made possible through the repetition of little acts by the largest generation on earth. It leverages the power of YouTube and global influencers to mobilize Gen Z and also supports the Sustainable Development Goals adopted at the United Nations. Bravo.

Interesting stuff

Twitter launched it’s Trending feature (a list of algorithmically-determined popular hashtags) in 2013, and Facebook quickly followed suit. And now, “Trending” is a staple of our social media experience. These trending algorithms have helped detect earthquakes, identify security threats, and, most importantly, learn about Beyonce’s twins. But they also help brands identify real-time trends in customer support queries. There are actually many ways we can apply these trending algorithms to every area of business.

Fun stuff

It’s not a selfie, it’s a SELL-fie!

The MTV interview about “Peter Rabbit” turned into a family affair.

I’m pretty sure kindergartners should always do the weather report.

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