Adobe Stock celebrates International Trans Day of Visibility with Photographer Bex Day

by The Adobe Stock Team

Posted on 03-27-2018

Saturday 31st of March marks International Trans Day of Visibility, and to raise awareness Adobe Stock has partnered with self-taught Photographer Bex Day to capture a collection of images that celebrate the UK’s Transgender community.

There is growing visibility of the trans community in politics and pop culture, but currently a dearth of images that reflect this. In the visual world, old stereotypes often mean there are huge communities not represented because they don’t fit into a prescribed box.

The new collection by Bex Day is part of Adobe’s ambition to make Stock more inclusive of people of different backgrounds, ages and identities to support marketers and visual artists to more accurately depict these communities and individuals.

Berlin-based Bex Day cast the models from British from Shropshire to Essex, to showcase the diversity of the trans community in the UK across different ages, nationalities and fashion styles.

The Bex Day partnership was born on this month’s visual trend, The Fluid Self which explores the ways our concept of identity is changing; from Facebook’s inclusion of 71 different gender options, to fashion brands developing no-gender lines. As part of this, Adobe is committed to bringing greater diversity to its Stock library.

To license the imagery, check out Bex Day’s Adobe Stock Contributor profile here

Check out the collection and some information on the subjects below… As always, feel free to let us know your thoughts using @AdobeUK with #TransDayofVisibility

Alexander Norton, Based in Berlin, 27 – “In the process of transitioning”

Amanda Belle, 45

Misti, 49 ½ – Came out in 2006 and has been living ‘in role’ ever since

Jude Harper, 27, transitioning since 2015

Name and age not specified

Lulu Love, 23, London – started transitioning a year and a half ago

Michaela Robertson, 54, Essex – began cross-dressing in 2008 and came out in 2016

Stephanie Griffiths, 57, London – “I live ‪24/7 as Stephanie. I am a person who fully enjoys just being.‬”‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Dani St James, 25, London – transitioned when she was 17 years old

Alyha Love, Berlin, 25 – came out aged 18

Ryan Levitt, Senior Communications Manager at Adobe EMEA says: “Adobe is committed to expanding the range and diversity of images available in Adobe Stock and ensuring there is a more authentic representation of the transgender community is an important part of that. We are working with some truly inspirational contributors to bring this to life in Adobe Stock, with our latest focus on the Fluid Self which provides an exciting opportunity to help challenge harmful myths and stereotypes about people from different backgrounds. Bex Day’s collection is a fantastic addition to the library.”

Massive thanks to Bex Day for working with us on this project! Check out the collection here and follow her on Instagram and Twitter to find out what she’s up to. You can also view her previous work on her website.

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