Your Blueprint for Success in the Experience Era

A roundup of articles to help you become an Experience Maker

by Adobe Experience Cloud

posted on 03-27-2018

Building great experiences for your customers requires rethinking everything. But you know it’s what your customers are demanding and you won’t be left behind. Becoming the business that delivers the experiences you imagine might seem overwhelming, but it’s also the biggest and most exciting transformation we’ve ever seen.

We’ve put together several articles to help you visualize your blueprint for success. You’ll hear more about where we think customer experiences are headed, show you some companies that are leading the way, and talk about tools and best practices that will help you become an Experience Maker.

Take a look at what’s in store, and click on each of the articles for a more in-depth analysis of the areas where you may need a remodel.

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key differentiator for competitive brands. Brad Rencher, general manager for Adobe Experience Cloud, explains what you need to do to set your business apart from others, with detailed examples of some of the most fine-tuned customer experiences in a variety of industries. Find out more about exactly what your customers expect and why this is a moment worth seizing. We can’t wait to help you build what’s next. Read how to Make Experience Your Business.

To leverage the “experience business wave,” you need visual quality, relevancy, connectedness, and immediacy. Add all these up and it’s easy to see why you need integrated technology to deliver exceptional experiences. Learn specific steps to help build the digital foundation you need, and the strategies that will help you justify your technology investment. Read about the details in Your Experience Business is Built on a Digital Foundation — Start the Technology Transition Now.

There are secrets hiding in your data. One of the biggest challenges facing businesses like yours is how to extract value from that data. John Bates, director of product management for Adobe Analytics, walks you through how investing in analytics will help your business compete on experiences — by leveraging technology to be a brand that thinks of the individual, but can scale to build relationships to many. Read more in Data, Analytics, and Benchmarks — Making Sense of Experience Business Data.

If you feel you need to put more effort into providing a consistent experience for your customers, you’re not alone. Almost 9 out of 10 (87 percent) of your customers think that, too. Meeting this expectation takes more than data and technology — it also requires a customer-first culture and teams organized to share data and orchestrate campaigns. Learn more about tearing down the silos — or if that’s even necessary. Read this article about Empowering Your Team for the Rapidly Evolving Experience Business.

Two-thirds of your customers are leaving because they had a bad experience, but only one out of 26 is taking the time to give you feedback by complaining. Kevin Lindsay, head of strategy & product marketing for AEM Assets, outlines a process for you to use data and emerging technology to reveal customer feedback and then close the loop by identifying what you need to change. Get his tips in The Feedback Is In: It’s Time for a Sustainable Business Strategy.

According to an Aberdeen Group report, companies that focus on their customer journey reap more than a 50 percent greater return on marketing investment than those that don’t. To successfully focus on your customers, you must understand what they need and how to provide a seamless experience every step of the way. Learn how various micro-interactions paint a clear picture of evolving customer expectations, and how improving the right moments can also improve your marketing efficiency. Read If You Want to Earn the Journey, Master the Moment.

Hear more stories from top brands who know the power of putting great customer experiences first in their organizations.

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