Adobe and Cognizant Interactive Partner to Scale Experience Design and Omnichannel Content

by Ashley Still

posted on 03-28-2018

This week at Adobe Summit, I’m excited to announce a new design-led partnership with Cognizant Interactive to help global brands scale experience design and omnichannel content creation. Cognizant, who was also recognized by Adobe this week as the “2018 Delivery Quality Partner of the year,” is one of the world’s leading professional services companies, transforming their clients’ businesses for the digital era.

Design and engaging content are critical differentiators for global brands living in the Experience Era. Our global brands and agency customers are asking Adobe to help them both differentiate their experiences through compelling design, and to drive efficiencies in creating content to drive brand loyalty and growth. We believe this will create many innovations for the digital content supply chain to deliver intelligent, personalized experiences at scale, and is driving many brands to establish their own in-house design teams.

Cognizant Interactive works closely with brands to establish in-house agencies, and through this partnership, Adobe and Cognizant Interactive will jointly work with our mutual clients to increase the efficiency of content creation and production; help brands establish and operate their own in-house agencies; and manage and moderate content. These capabilities will simplify design operations and address the critical content velocity and user experience challenges facing Cognizant Interactive’s customers today.

To accomplish this, Cognizant will leverage Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe XD CC, the all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing and prototyping mobile apps and websites, to deliver compelling content and amazing experiences faster than ever. Cognizant’s design teams have been quick to embrace Adobe XD and other applications that amplify creative talent and skills, all of which will help them build next-generation capabilities into their design studios.

“Some of the largest brands in the world come to Cognizant asking for us to help them along their digital transformation journey,” said Donna Tuths, SVP and Global Head, Cognizant Interactive. “Adobe is the ideal partner for Cognizant because their cloud offerings span this entire journey that we are on with our clients – across design, creative, content and marketing. We are particularly excited to begin engaging with Adobe on these new design-led programs that leverage Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe XD for content scale and experience design.”

Cognizant Interactive has a strong understanding of both the opportunities and challenges involved in creating content at scale, which is driving the need to integrate new tools and thinking into their design processes. They have been a fantastic partner of Adobe for many years and we look forward to partnering with them to elevate the role of design among our joint clients.

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