Fintech Startup Dramatically Lowers Cost Per Acquisition

by Jennifer Bartell

posted on 03-28-2018

The creators of the bux mobile wallet app want to make moving money safe and easy for everyone. Attracting new customers, however, is a complex challenge. bux wants to reach dozens of segments in 30 countries to promote its global gateway for secure money transfers but does not want the expensive and time-consuming hassles of managing separate tools for search, display, and social advertising campaigns.

Luckily, bux found Adobe Advertising Cloud, a unified platform that automates media buying across sources and channels. The Search capability in Advertising Cloud helps bux optimize search engine marketing with features including automation and simulations. Through the Adobe Advertising Cloud Demand Side Platform bux can plan, execute, optimize, and measure ad campaigns across its display and social channels.

“It was important for us to implement across all three channels with Adobe Advertising Cloud so we could understand where to focus our marketing efforts,” says Danika Houghton, Chief Marketing Officer, bux. “When we first launched, we had a cost per acquisition (CPA) of $600, but using Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, Social, and Display, we adjusted our strategies and lowered our CPA to just $40.”

The recent addition of Adobe Analytics in Adobe Analytics Cloud allows bux to track customers after acquisition and learn how they engage with the app to optimize experiences. bux is also evaluating additional Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, including Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Target for improved audience segmentation and message personalization.

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Topics: Digital Transformation, Advertising

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