How the Adobe Experience Platform Empowers Customers to Create an Experience Business

With an API-first approach, the Adobe Experience Platform benefits both enterprise customers and technology partners.

by Cody Crnkovich

posted on 03-29-2018

Data visualization pioneer Aaron Koblin once said that “you can have a ridiculously enormous and complex data set, but if you have the right tools and methodology then it’s not a problem.”

Like most companies, your business likely is drowning in customer data. It’s coming from everywhere — from your website, apps, social platforms, and email campaigns, not to mention your call center and in-store customer interactions.

But the challenge is using all that data to do more than simply sell a product or service — today, companies need to sell an experience.

Delivering a compelling customer experience requires brands to do several things: to know their customers, speak to them in one voice across every channel, and deliver value at every turn to exceed their expectations.

Through Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, we’ve given you the tools necessary to accomplish this. But the marketing landscape changes so quickly, there’s always room to do more. It’s why we’ve built the Adobe Experience Platform and a thriving partner ecosystem.

Adobe Experience Platform is a unified platform of content and data, intelligent services, and open APIs that allows you to have a 360-degree view of your customers and to create dynamic, consistent experiences regardless of what channel or touchpoint they use to engage with your brand. Our partner ecosystem extends the platform’s capabilities to give you more features, functionality, and custom solutions that meet your unique business needs.

Together, the platform and partner technologies move your company closer to creating an experience business.

Bringing the power of machine learning and an API-first approach to customer experiences

The Adobe Experience Platform is unique in that it’s a flexible, open system for building and managing customer experience solutions.

Adobe Experience Platform provides a central store and central execution engine for all customer data you collect. Using the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities of Adobe Sensei, the platform also allows you to draw deeper insights from your data. This is critical because every organization collects vast amounts of data that can sometimes hide certain customer intent or behavior. By applying machine learning, you can more easily uncover these patterns and better understand the journey the customer is taking.

This also creates a level-playing-field for people with different skill-sets and roles within your marketing team, potentially breaking down some of the organizational silos that make it so difficult for customers to have a consistent experience with your brand. The platform makes working with data easier for the more technically oriented marketer and enables data scientists to transform and present data in a standard way, so they don’t have to spin it out for every new customer initiative.

While machine learning adds automation, open APIs make the platform even more powerful. Because Adobe Experience Platform is built using an API-first approach, we can make the system open to developers, technology partners, and other third-party software companies to integrate their solutions or to build their own products and technologies that extend the capabilities of Adobe solutions.

Ultimately, this is a huge benefit to you because you can extract more value from your investment in Adobe solutions with third-party technology or by having your developers create bespoke solutions to support specific use cases within your own organization.

The advantages of a partner ecosystem

With open APIs, the Adobe Experience Platform gives you much more flexibility.

But you can’t really have a robust platform without a thriving ecosystem. Through Adobe Exchange Program for Experience Cloud, we’ve built an ecosystem of over 600 technology partners to provide complementary technology via Adobe Exchange App Marketplace.

While you’re investing in broad global transformation initiatives, we can provide out-of-the-box solutions to help you create great experiences for your customers. There’s a lot of white space in the feature-function gap, and our partners help fill many of these areas in the experience lifecycle.

Think of it like the app store on your mobile phone. Your smartphone comes with so much functionality, but by downloading apps from the app store you have seemingly unlimited technology options to extend the functionality of your mobile device. It’s the same with Adobe Experience Platform and our partner ecosystem.

The benefit to customers is clear, but there’s a real benefit for partners, too. Decibel Insight, which provides digital experience analytics, is an Adobe technology partner. CEO Ben Harris echoes what we often hear from other companies who work with us, that our partner program for Experience Cloud allows his company “to build tighter integrations with Adobe using best practices.”

For technology partners like Decibel, our cloud platform allows them to engage with, attach to, and augment Adobe solutions in any way they choose with their own technology. They can already do a lot today with our existing solutions, but the platform increases these opportunities exponentially, while at the same time adding more innovation to our core technology.

Building an experience business

When your customers engage with your brand, they expect a frictionless experience. But getting to that point — even though your company may have all the data it needs — is still a challenge, especially without the right tools and technology.

If your company is going to sell an experience, it needs an experience business platform to do it. That platform not only must allow you to store all your customer data, but it also must have powerful capabilities to help you execute on it. Thanks to machine learning and open APIs, we’ve built a platform that has all these integration and analysis capabilities so that you can make the most of your technology investment. Our partner ecosystem also allows you to benefit from additional digital marketing and implementation expertise.

This ultimately empowers you to achieve a 360-degree view of your audience and speak to them in one voice across every touchpoint and every channel.

Discover more about Adobe technology partners in the Community Pavilion at #AdobeSummit and learn more about Adobe Exchange and our Partner Program.

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