Digital Transformation in the Fast Lane

Austrian infrastructure company ASFiNAG speeds up business processes using Adobe document and signature solutions.

by Stephanie Krausse

posted on 03-29-2018

Anyone traveling by car on Austria’s road network will most likely cross the roads of ASFiNAG. Since 1982, the Autobahn and Highway Financing Stock Corporation has planned, financed, built, maintained, and operated a large part of the transport system in the Alpine republic—namely, the highways and expressways.

ASFiNAG is in the middle of the digital transformation. For example, there is a growing need to convert design drawings written on paper into a digital archive. The documentation isn’t limited to the route network itself. In addition to the streets, the company is responsible for many other structures: 367 junctions and 164 tunnels and 49 rest areas, 86 rest stations, 106 parking spaces, and 42 facilities for park and drive.

To manage its operations, ASFiNAG requires high-performance systems that meet the requirements of a large company. At the same time, cost efficiency is the top priority because ASFiNAG is user-financed.

In 2009, ASFiNAG began to digitize its design drawings internally. It reviewed several software alternatives and opted for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for its powerful PDF editor, the versatile editing options, and an easy-to-use user interface.

One big advantage is the batch processing function. It allows users to automatically process multiple documents without having to repeat the same steps. This helps standardize things such as text recognition, size optimization, or storage in the company network.

Working with Acrobat Pro DC enables ASFiNAG to advance the digitization of construction plans with minimal staffing. Two employees at the archival location in Innsbruck can process the continuous scan requests from the entire company as part of their normal jobs.

From a workflow standpoint, multiple levels of information can be combined within the PDF so viewers can show and hide them later when needed. For ASFiNAG, this is a useful feature that other PDF programs don’t offer.

For the past three years, ASFiNAG has benefited from the advantages of Adobe solutions as part of the Enterprise Terms License Agreement (ETLA). With a term of three years, the agreement provides planning certainty.

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