Adobe Audition Offers More Streamlined Premiere Pro Integration and Better Multitrack Workflows

Adobe Audition CC offers a comprehensive professional toolset for mixing and editing audio for video, broadcast, and podcast content. This new release makes working with sound easier with a more streamlined workflow for Premiere Pro projects and important multitrack enhancements.

Here is what you will find in the latest version of Adobe Audition.

Streamlined workflow with Premiere Pro

Direct import of Premiere Pro sequences. The integration between Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Audition offers the best audio workflow for video production in the industry, allowing editors to send sequences to Audition without losing any file information, unlike with OMF or AAF formats. Track and clip channelization, automation, markers, clip labels and colors, effects, and third-party plug-ins, are all transferred non-destructively with full fidelity from Premiere Pro to Audition. That was good, and now we’ve made it better. Audition can now read Premiere Pro projects natively, importing sequences and working with the source media directly — without juggling copies or interchange project files.

Open native Premiere Pro projects from the Audition Media Browser and select the audio clips you want to work on for a simpler, more efficient audio editing workflow.

Compound media files. Media files are becoming more complex every day, with cameras capturing and storing multiple video and audio streams in a single container. In post-production that can create extra steps extracting audio streams – and extra clutter with disconnected copies of individual files. Audition has a solution. In the new release you can twirl down compound media files to view their contents and choose which video and audio streams you want to add to the Timeline You can even choose individual audio channels.

Or you can just drag the whole compound media file into a track to import video and audio streams together. Compound media support also lets you edit audio in the Waveform while monitoring the video stream for visual context.

Twirl down compound media files to choose the audio tracks you want to work on, or simply import the whole compound file, including container formats like MXF.

Multitrack mixing and editing

Tracks panel. Big projects with dozens, or even hundreds, of tracks can be challenging to work with, especially when you want to focus on specific content. The new Tracks panel provides quick access to toggle track visibility on and off, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without distraction. Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to multiple visibility presets, so you can easily toggle between Dialogue, Music, or Sound Effects tracks, only tracks with clips, just Bus tracks, or any other combination you desire.

Use the new Track pane to show or hide tracks, or groups of tracks, so you can focus on specific parts of your project. Create your own preferred track groups and save presets for an efficient, personalized multitrack editing experience.

UI performance. We’ve improved the drawing performance of multitrack and waveform scrolling, making it up to five times faster, and making playback buttery smooth. Zooming is better now, too, with audio track height automatically adjusting.

Jump to time. Users have been asking for a way to jump to a specific time in a project or recording without interrupting their keyboard-driven workflow. Problem solved: type CMD+J (Mac OS) or CTRL+J (Windows) and the timestamp for the new location, and you’re there. It’s like magic! This command works with any supported time display format.

Toggle scrolling. Quickly toggle scrolling on and off with a new keyboard shortcut and button in the multitrack interface. When scrolling is halted while editing, a quick keypress restores the view and lets you continue working without interrupting playback or moving your hands from the keyboard.

More new features

Clip spotting. This has been a much requested feature. Audition now updates automatically to display the video frame under the cursor whenever you import, adjust, and trim clips in the Timeline. Accurately align sound effects or dialogue to video frames with sample precision, or synchronize music cues and crescendos to match your visuals exactly the way you want them to.

ID3 album art metadata. Audition has been a staple among podcasters for years, and we’ve made producing your final MP3 easier with support for images. Add, view, and change images directly in the Metadata panel.

With new Clip Spotting, video previews in Audition update in real-time as you work. Embed images in your mp3 files. Navigate the Timeline with Jump to Time. Automate Audition with scripts.

Browse and run scripts. A new menu command and command-line option allows Audition to be incorporated into automation workflows, including application functions and third-party integrations. Learn more about scripting and Audition’s SDKs by visiting Adobe I/O.

Trim in/out point to playhead. New Clip menu commands make it a breeze to quickly trim the in and out points of a clip to the playhead position. That means less fumbling with the mouse – or no mousing around at all if you prefer to assign keyboard shortcuts.

Download now

Get the latest version of Adobe Audition CC now as an update via Creative Cloud. A free trial is also available.