How our Photoshop Floor Reimagines Reality

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 04-04-2018

Monsters. Anamorphic hallways. Stained-glass windows. Time-capsule booths. Can you guess where you can find all of these?

This is the Adobe Photoshop floor in our San Jose Headquarters. And it’s not your typical workspace.

During last year’s renovations of our Adobe Headquarters, when it came down to designing a Photoshop-themed floor, it was a daunting task. How could a single floor reflect the company’s history of creativity, and capture the feeling of what’s arguably their most iconic product?

Take a trip down memory lane in a time-capsule booth.

But for Maria Yap, Vice President of Digital Imaging, this opportunity was a blank canvas that had limitless possibilities. So, working with our Employee & Workspace Solutions team, Maria took up the challenge, and represented her team as the project ambassador.

“The question we struggled with was: how do we show off what Photoshop can do, and what digital imaging means?” Maria said. “We took that one step further and decided to show off the very essence of creativity.”

A work of art to help create works of art.

Curating a special collection of art for the floor, Maria recruited a group of some of Adobe’s best design-forward thinkers. The results? A floor that transports visitors and employees alike to a creative space that sparks imagination. There’s no doubt that the variety, quality and character of the artwork selected—the sculpture, stained glass, metalwork, digital art and wall installations—celebrate the full diversity of creativity.

Some of our favorite elements on the floor include:

There’s inspiration to be found around every corner.

From the time-capsule booths that double as conference rooms, to knock-your-socks-off elevator skins, the floor truly represents Photoshop’s history of reimagining reality. So whether you’re getting lost in thought while admiring the anamorphic hallway, or kicking back under the fluorescent F-Stop sign above the break room, there’s something here for everyone that’s sure to unravel a creative energy you never knew you had.

Be greeted by (friendly) monsters when you stop by.

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