Delivering Higher Document Security with Modern Data Classification

A class of its own.

by Stephanie Krausse

posted on 04-06-2018

Countless company documents pass through the computers and smartphones of employees at Raiffeisen Informatik every day. Some documents are available to all employees, but many others are only intended for a few eyes. However, backing up every single file with a password or other strict access protection would be impractical in everyday business. It makes more sense to maintain a balance between smooth office processes and effective data security by means of a carefully weighed risk classification.

To maintain business productivity and document security, the Raiffeisen Informatik Group successfully introduced advanced controls over digital content. The group, which operates in 30 countries, looks after the IT of large companies with more than 50,000 regional and international employees. Raiffeisen Informatik relies on the high-performance PDF solution Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to enable the processing and protection of PDF documents across all device and country borders with functions optimized for each application.

“When we investigate new software solutions, we focus on leading products that are mentioned in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report, for instance, and meet the latest security standards,” says Othmar Schöller, Chief Security Officer at Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH.We don’t go with just any market player.”

Adobe offered the company both a proven document security solution and a broad range of functionality that can be used to meet specific objectives. The security features of the current version of Acrobat DC are optimized for use in large organizations. For example, documents can be protected by passwords or certificates and senders can be confirmed by digital IDs.

Raiffeisen Informatik also wanted to protect documents outside of the company’s firewall while still making it easy for employees to work from anywhere. By embedding security controls within confidential PDF files, the company can be assured that documents are safe and only being accessed by people with the proper permissions.

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Topics: Future of Work, Digital Transformation

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