Technology Is An ‘Exceptional Ally,’ Says AT&T Mexico CMO

In 2030, Jesús Cansino foresees a scenario that can be summarized in three words: mobile, digital, and custom.

Technology Is An ‘Exceptional Ally,’ Says AT&T Mexico CMO

by LATAM Staff

Posted on 04-10-2018

International expansion into Latin America and the Caribbean has long been among AT&T’s key priorities. Over the past several years its focus has included Mexico, where, in 2015, the $160 billion North American telecommunication giant paid nearly $4.4 billion to purchase local wireless providers Iusacell and Nextel Mexico.

Nowadays, AT&T’s 4G LTE high-speed network covers over 96 million people in the country–which is equivalent to 80% of the population. It also closed 2017 with 15.1 million wireless subscribers, representing a year-over-year increase of 26%.

Building long-lasting relationships with consumers is one of AT&T’s “core values,” according to Jesús Cansino, CMO of AT&T Mexico.

“We are committed to delivering to them standards of excellence for new services,” he told “We focus on making our customers’ lives easier by providing simple, seamless products. That ends up generating memorable, custom interactions.”


One market favorite? Data plans that include unlimited access to social media, calls, and text messages, said Cansino, whose team endeavors to understand its customers and their journeys in order to provide customized experiences.

“Technology has been an exceptional ally in this mission,” he stated. “It helps us to be sure that our target receives the required information, at relevant times, by means of multiple channels. We are able to meet their expectations efficiently by delivering relevant, individualized messages, which call their attention.”

Data analysis–transforming insights into actual knowledge about users–is, of course, crucial for meeting expectations, Cansino added.

“We track several elements, such as segmentation, location, sales channel, and voice usage,” he explained. “Thus, specific offers reach customers. [For example], for prepaid consumers, we developed a self-service app; for global accounts, an elite executive team provides custom monitoring.”

AI-Powered Efficiency

In addition, Cansino has a keen eye on artificial intelligence, which is enabling AT&T Mexico to effectively develop offers that align with consumer needs and patterns, and to find the best places to generate digital conversion from the audience.

“In our line of business, we generate tons of data, from patterns of network usage to digital usage of apps used to GPS location. Artificial intelligence tools help us to be more efficient when analyzing a great volume of information,” he said. “With such solutions, we are able to get relevant insights and set action plans that impact our KPIs.”

AI will increasingly be the center of the future of advertising, Cansino added. In 2030, he foresees a scenario that can be summarized in three words: mobile, digital, and custom. He expects digital and mobile current trends to continue leading the industry for the next decade, he said, making marketing even more personal than it is today.

“In a near future, with all the information we are gathering and the support of artificial intelligence, we will be able to anticipate consumer needs with great precision and develop highly effective campaigns,” Cansino concluded. “However, in order to shape the future, we believe that our heart must be in the present. For that reason, we … never stop innovating.”

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