Epson America: Intelligently Optimizing Conversions

by Paige Pace

posted on 04-10-2018

Epson America is about more than just home and office printers. The company creates scanners, wearables, and robots for use by consumers and businesses, in addition to being the world’s leading projector vendor. Multiple product lines mean multiple potential customers seeking information that will help them make both large and small purchase decisions.

An obvious destination for product information is the Epson website. But the company recognized that to increase conversion and customer leads, it needed better information on how products and campaigns were being received by its various customer targets. After replatforming its website, the company refreshed its implementation of Adobe Analytics for real-time customer data and added Adobe Target for testing. And Epson’s secret weapon? Adobe Sensei, which helps discover patterns in customer behavior that drive ongoing improvements.

“With Adobe Sensei enabled capabilities helping us do even more with our Adobe Experience Cloud implementation, we’re shining light on any weaknesses so that we can build a strong digital experience for all of our diverse customers,” says Scott Sturcke, Director, Online Marketing Management at Epson America.

The Adobe Sensei capabilities within Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target help automate many repetitive tasks and comb through data for anomalies that affect customer experiences. When unexpected behavior is detected, the solution delivers automated alerts to help developers identify and resolve the issues, such as dramatic traffic changes or too many bounces from a single site location.

Actionable feedback from Adobe Analytics and test results from Adobe Target help Epson marketers understand how and how well campaigns and channels are working. For instance, Epson discovered a high bounce rate from a page that asked customers to identify themselves as guests or returning customers. Sensing that the layout may be confusing visitors, Epson tested two different page options using Adobe Target. Just one week of testing revealed the new designs dramatically outperformed the old one. The company immediately replaced the old page, and the results of the change boosted conversion high enough to pay for the entire first year of using the Adobe solution.

Looking ahead, Epson plans to expand its use of Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, using data and machine learning to continue building great experiences for its customers.

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