Design Web Pages that Sizzle with Spark Page

by The Creative Cloud Team

posted on 04-12-2018

Having a visually compelling way to organize and share information is key to any successful business. With so much pertinent information typically shared on a web page, the design required for all of the elements in a web page can be tricky to navigate. Web pages that work follow design principles and create a visual story anyone can follow. With Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, you get access to Spark Page, making it possible for anyone to create a web page that is easily followed, well presented, and captivating.

Easy, breezy, beautiful

Spark Page is a simple web page creation tool. Unlike a traditional website, there is no navigation or deep-nested pages, but you can use it in any place you might traditionally use a landing page, with some serious advantages. We asked Amy Copperman, editorial content lead for Next Gen Products at Adobe, to share her expertise on Spark Page. “In short, Spark Page gets beautiful results in minutes. There is no coding or design experience required, and it’s easily editable in a dynamic way — it looks great on every device,” says Amy.

Spark Page design is powered by themes. When you go to create your own page, you simply select a theme. This can come from a set of preloaded themes, or, with the Spark Premium features included in your Creative Cloud subscription, you can choose branded content themes. After uploading a logo, font, and colors to the Spark brand manager, Spark generates themes for you based on that information. You can then customize where things go and how they’re laid out, but Spark does a lot of the work for you.

“It’s pretty foolproof,” says Amy. “Easily create visual hierarchy, format photos, and combine text, photos, and video into a captivating web document.”

These images and text can be uploaded into a sleek “glideshow” — a great way to showcase several images together. “On top of each image, you can add a text box that can be moved almost anywhere,” says Amy. “That, combined with the subtle animation, is a really engaging way to combine text and images into one view.” Having responsive web pages that look and perform equally well, no matter the device, screen size, orientation, or internet speed is no longer just a luxury. It’s a necessity, and with Spark Page it’s reality.

Other great tools for site engagement that are easily used on Spark Page are buttons. Amy says, “Buttons are a feature people should use more. They’re items that produce action and can be created very quickly.” A marketing dream, buttons can be placed throughout the page, linked to whatever site you’d like, and customized with text.

Enhanced pages on an existing site

One of the great advantages of Spark Page is that you can easily embed the web pages you create into your own website. Chari Pack of Persnickety Prints is a pro when it comes to using Spark tools.

“Adobe allows users to embed Spark Pages as an iframe,” Chari says. “This means I’m able to embed the coded page into my WordPress site. When the user clicks ‘read more’ on their desktop, they don’t actually leave my website.”

Chari uses Spark Page to tell her personal story, promote new products, and share customer reviews on her site. “Using Spark Page, I can manually aggregate real customer reviews from online sources — Google, Yelp, Facebook — and I’m even able to add in-store customer video footage to make our products and services even more compelling. A testimonial page I’ve created sits at the bottom of our landing page and has over 72,000 views in just a few short months. The best part? We can update it anytime in our Spark account.”

One tool, many uses

Photographers, designers, and other creatives are using Spark Page as a way to share their work in an engaging way or add photo stories to their website. Companies and organizations are using the tool as a way to augment their websites quickly and deliver information in a compelling way.

“Sports teams are using it to recap games, share highlights, and spotlight players and teams. A lot of business communicators are using Spark Page as well,” says Amy.

This modern take on the newsletter is a great way to drive customer engagement. Plus, once your Spark Page is complete, content can be updated directly from the Spark Page app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Those updates are then reflected on the landing page, or your website if the page is embedded.

The simplicity and ease with which Spark Page allows anyone to create landing pages that are professional and high-quality is a game changer. Don’t let the opportunity to share your business in a new, engaging way pass you by.

Learn more about ways your business can use Spark Page and collaborating effectively with Creative Cloud for teams.

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