Invoca Builds Integration with Launch by Adobe

by Owen Ray

posted on 04-16-2018

Many companies realize that high-intent customers are calling them to get more information or complete a purchase. While they are making it easier for people to get from the online experience to the phone call — most marketers have very little visibility into what campaign got the customer on the phone — and no insight into what happened on the call, making it impossible to attribute conversions that happen on the phone.

Invoca’s call intelligence platform makes it possible to connect phone calls and conversations to the digital journey, so marketers can optimize advertising spend, increase conversions, and deliver more relevant marketing messages based on calls, not just clicks.

Part of what makes Invoca’s attribution so precise is its ability to deploy dynamic phone numbers. Our customers can show each shopper a unique phone number so they can establish a 1-to-1 relationship between the campaign, the call, and the customer. This gives visibility into not only which campaigns are driving calls, but actual insights about the nature of those calls and true conversion data. The dynamic phone numbers are deployed to our customer’s web pages using tags.

Building this extension for Launch by Adobe will enable those who use Invoca and Adobe to effortlessly deploy our tags on their sites. Given the ubiquity of Adobe in the marketing landscape, this will be a big value-add for many of our customers.

Launch by Adobe makes deploying the Invoca tag more of a point-and-click affair, and relieves our customers of manually maintaining tags. Since we are in full control of the extension, enhancements to our tag functionality are rolled out when we see fit, and not just during Adobe’s release cycle. That means our customers get to start taking advantage of new features without waiting for a tag management vendor to update their templates, or for IT to deploy updated tags.

We’re always looking for ways to create a better experience for our customers, and Adobe made it a smooth and straightforward process for us to build the Invoca extension. The transparency into its API is excellent (an open API that’s actually open), and Adobe provided fast and knowledgeable support whenever we needed it, allowing us to wrap the project up in a matter of weeks.

Invoca’s Premier level partnership in the Adobe Exchange provides a great amount of value to our customers, and the addition of an Invoca Launch by Adobe extension builds upon that by providing a simple way for our customers to deploy and maintain our tags on their sites.

Topics: Digital Transformation

Products: Experience Platform, Experience Cloud