#CaptureSpring: Create a Postcard to Welcome Spring For a Chance to Win!

Submit an original design for a chance to win an iPad Pro or a one-year Creative Cloud subscription. Use Adobe Capture to create a postcard in Illustrator CC.

by Wren Sauer

posted on 04-19-2018

Spring has sprung! Are you glad that brighter and warmer days are here? We’ll show you how to gather your assets using Capture CC and bring them together into an easy-to-use Illustrator template. Below, you’ll find a quick tutorial on how to use Shapes within Capture CC. Check out our latest feature release announcement to see how the other asset functions work.

We also invite you to participate in a creative design challenge by sharing an original postcard design using Capture CC. You’ll have an opportunity to win a 12.9-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi 256GB) or one-year subscription to Creative Cloud! See contest instructions.

Need ideas? Download and use our April Showers asset library to get a jumpstart on your postcard design, featuring guest artist Jenean Morrison‘s famous brushes and shapes. Follow the tutorial below to get started.

1. Open up Capture CC on your phone or tablet. Under Shapes, tap the blue camera or photo library icons to start vectorizing your imagery.

2. Use the slider to adjust the contrast threshold, then try using the magic wand tool at the top to auto-adjust contrast. You can tap the image area to freeze the camera as you adjust the contrast. Tap the check mark button when you’re satisfied with the image.

3. Use the editing tools to refine your image – here you can erase areas you don’t want, add in areas with the brush, crop, and smooth the vector. Tap ‘Save’ when you’re ready to save your image.

4. Tap on the shape name to change it. You can also choose the Creative Cloud library you’d like to save the shape to, which you’ll be able to access in Illustrator. Tap the save button to send it to your CC Library. You’re ready to start building your postcard!

5. Open up Illustrator CC. You can download and open the April Showers postcard template or create your own 4”x6” artboard.

6. Once you’re ready to start building your postcard with your vector assets, open up the Libraries window. You can do this by going to Window > Libraries. Select your Library from the dropdown menu.

7. Click and drag a graphic asset from your library to the canvas with the selection tool to populate your cursor with the image. You can download our Illustrator CC postcard template here. Click and drag over your postcard artboard to resize and place the image. You’re ready to design with your Capture assets!

For Illustrator tutorials and resources to help you along the way, please check out our getting started guide.

Ready to get started on your spring-themed postcard? Don’t forget to share your Spring postcard with Adobe Drawing on Twitter with hashtag #CaptureSpring and #contest, OR on Facebook in the comments thread for a chance to win!

#CaptureSpring Design Contest Instructions:

How to enter:

*You must use Capture CC in your creative process, but can use any Creative Cloud app to layout your design. Standard postcard size is usually 4” x 6” and proportional to 900 x 600 px. You are welcome to use any document size as long as Twitter or Facebook accepts the image.

Share your submissions by Thursday, April 26, 11:59pm PT for a chance to win a 12.9-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi 256GB) or one-year subscription to Creative Cloud. Read the full terms and conditions.

Check out a few sample postcards below for inspiration. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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