Integrating Inspiration and Learning

Students in K-12 schools need more than basic academic subjects to prepare for higher education or new career opportunities. They need to know how to communicate effectively in today’s digital world. Davis School District in Utah views digital communication skills as a fundamental part of education. That’s why instead of consolidating career and technical education in specialized high schools, Davis School District integrates classes including nursing, auto repair, and graphic design into standard high schools. The practice makes it easier for students to experiment with digital skills as a possible vocation or as a foundation for future learning.

Media classes at Davis School District high schools, including video production and game development, are taught using Adobe Creative Cloud apps. For example, students assigned to make a television commercial turned ideas into reality by creating storyboards in Adobe Photoshop CC, editing video footage with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, adding visual effects using Adobe After Effects CC, and adjusting sound quality with Adobe Audition CC.

“Having students create a commercial was a great way to give them real-world experience using Adobe Creative Cloud apps,” says teacher Eric Scholer. “These are programs used in the industry, and the skills that they learn translate directly into the workplace. But just as importantly, students learn how to plan a project, meet requirements, and solve any issues that may arise.”

Another way Davis School District is helping students demonstrate their commitment to communication and education is by giving them the opportunity to earn Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification. The certification is a great way for students to show their fundamental knowledge and skills with a software or specialty. In 2017, more than 300 students district-wide earned certification.

With help from Adobe reseller SHI International, Davis School District purchased 2,000 seats of Adobe Creative Cloud for its schools. The licenses are distributed among classrooms and administrative offices in all 26 junior-high and high schools in the district. Because Davis School District centralized its Adobe Creative Cloud purchase at the district level, IT staff use the Adobe Admin Console to easily monitor and manage license use, saving the district unnecessary costs while providing broad access to valuable applications.

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