E-signatures and the Road to Great Experiences

by Ashley Still

posted on 04-25-2018

E -signatures are in the news a lot these days. They help companies on their journey to digitally transform. But e-signatures are not enough, and digital transformation is only part of the equation for success. The brands that stand out are making the leap from ordinary business to experience business – one that is laser focused on creating personalized, compelling employee and customer experiences with every interaction. And they need a partner that will help them succeed.

Companies large and small look to Adobe to help them build unique experiences that excite, engage, even inspire. From websites to mobile apps, from first touch to final sale, our cloud solutions help you create great content, all-digital workflows, and consistently awesome experiences.

The experience starts when the document does

Great employee and customer experiences start behind the scenes, with documents. You probably don’t think of documents as experiences. But consider this. Documents are the forms that gather customer data. The proposals that win big projects. The contracts that grow business. The vehicles that drive business forward. Employees create, route, update, approve them. Customers fill them out, sign them, send them back. And every time anyone interacts with a document, it’s a chance to deliver a great experience.

Yet, 77% of customers interviewed by CSO Insights say document automation gaps negatively impact their experience. And 63% say document process issues negatively impact their satisfaction. Compound that with the facts that 80% of all business processes still rely on paper and that 60% of executives believe they’re behind in their digital transformation efforts. And you’ve either got a recipe for a seriously terrible customer experience — or an opportunity to make a big change without making a big effort.

We say, take the opportunity. Don’t make anyone print, sign, send, or fax a document ever again. Instead, create all-digital document workflows, including e-signatures, inside the systems and apps you already use. Then, according to IDC, you can look forward to earning 36% more revenue, cutting costs by 30%, and reducing compliance and risk issues by 23%.

Put your trust in the digital document leader

More than 25 years ago, we launched the digital document revolution when we invented PDF. And we’ve led it ever since. We introduced the first digital signatures in Adobe Acrobat. Then we worked with experts and certificate providers across the industry to turn it into an open standard that’s the basis for billions of signature transactions every year. Now, we’re weaving Adobe Sensei’s artificial intelligence into features across all of our clouds. If you have the free Adobe Scan app on your mobile device, you can see Adobe Sensei at work, turning paper documents into intelligent PDFs you can then edit, sign, and send in a snap. These innovations and many others have helped us gain the long-term trust and partnership of businesses large and small. Because our history of invention and stability can’t be beat.

Meet the experience makers who are leading the way

It’s a fact. Adobe Sign enables 14 of the 20 most profitable companies in the Fortune 100 to turbo charge their efficiency and drive business faster. Our deep document expertise, our powerful AI engine, and our unified enterprise cloud solutions help global brands including Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Deloitte, MasterCard, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and Verizon to drive digital transformations and deliver amazing experiences.

With results like these, it’s no surprise that a growing number of companies are switching to Adobe Sign. Across industries as diverse as biopharmaceuticals, gaming and entertainment, and home loans, they are switching because of the trust they place in our brand, our integrations with world-class enterprise solutions, and because they just get more with Adobe.

Take a giant leap forward in a few small steps

Adobe Document Cloud can help you turn slow, manual processes into fast, all-digital experiences. Then, employees click to launch automated processes, where the right documents move to the right people, collecting information and approvals in the right order. Customers fill out digital forms from anywhere, then tap to sign and return from their phones. And your organization evolves with confidence through a digital transformation that starts with e-signatures and ends with great experiences for customers and employees alike.

Experience really does start here.

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