Adobe Previews New AI-powered Project to Streamline Content Creation and Delivery

by Iona Walters

posted on 05-03-2018

Consumers expect beautifully designed content from brands. In fact, according to our recent Consumer Content Survey, 1/3 of consumers get annoyed when content is poorly designed, and 2/3 say encountering this issue with a brand can prevent them from making a purchase.

But, delivering creative, one-of-a-kind digital experiences at the fast pace consumers demand is challenging for brands, often because of disconnected tools and workflows. To succeed, brands need deep integration and unified workflows across creative and marketing.

Adobe’s cloud offerings are built to help brands scale content creation and design, collaborate across functions, and iterate and deliver amazing customer experiences with speed. To further this effort, Adobe is previewing a new AI-driven project from its R&D lab at Summit EMEA.

Using artificial intelligence as a creative assistant

Creating content from start to finish that can be leveraged across consumer touchpoints can be tedious and time consuming for designers and marketers. Adobe is previewing a new proof-of-concept that intelligently automates workflows between content ideation, creation, optimization and delivery to produce the high volume of content required to engage consumers at the individual level. Powered by Adobe Sensei, our AI and machine learning platform, assets can be intelligently created and seamlessly passed between Adobe Scan, Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud. This enables creatives and marketers to remove repetitive and slow processes from their workflows and focus on their highest value skill sets.

Let’s take a look at the potential workflow given this scenario. A designer uses Adobe Scan to scan a sketch of a movie poster into Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe Sensei acts as a creative assistant and automatically finds the best assets based on the objects within the sketch and removes un-needed background objects in those assets for easy compilation. Via voice commands, the selected assets are sent to Adobe Photoshop CC in Adobe Creative Cloud where Adobe Sensei automatically assembles the image based on the original sketch.

Using voice commands, the designer can send the assembled poster back into Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe Sensei then recommends different layouts that can be used for marketing efforts, such as a customer email or social engagement, and can dynamically adjust content based individual consumer preferences.

Looking ahead

We’re always excited to preview early prototypes to showcase some of the latest technology being developed in Adobe’s labs. While some of the potential new features and capabilities never make their way into products, we get real-time feedback from our customers and community about those innovations – what’s useful, what can be better, what can be more impactful and meaningful to creatives and marketers in their daily lives.

Creating and delivering exceptional customer experiences the moment customers want them requires incredible connection between creativity, design, marketing and data. Adobe will continue making these workflows even more seamless. If you’re attending Adobe Summit in London this week, check out the Content & Design sessions to learn more.

Topics: Digital Transformation

Products: Photoshop, Creative Cloud