Pepsico Brasil Marketing VP Breaks Down Brand’s CX Strategy

“It has never been so important to generate brand experiences for consumers,” said Daniela Cachich, who also touches on mobile, innovation, and the skills modern-day marketing leaders must possess..

Pepsico Brasil Marketing VP Breaks Down Brand’s CX Strategy

by LATAM Staff

Posted on 05-05-2018

Daniela Cachich is vice president of marketing at Pepsico Brasil Foods, where she is responsible for the snacks, media, insights and innovation areas. Prior to her appointment in November 2016, she was responsible for building the Heineken brand in Brazil as VP of marketing.

Cachich spoke to about marketing in the era of data and technology. Big data brought a new approach to the way brands manage their relationships with customers. How has this impacted marketing?

Cachich: The market is constantly changing, and the speed is increasing. With this, the marketing model is evolving, leading to the era of “precision marketing.” Media, content, and sales now work together. That seems logical, but it was not an easy path. Today it is less about brands as destinations and more about following the audience. The consumer needs to be in the heart of everything we do. The takeoff of smartphones has also altered marketing. Can you talk about your mobile strategy?

Cachich: Mobile is the first screen. With a gadget at our fingertips 24 hours a day, we need to rethink the role of brand strategies. At Pepsico Brasil, we operate a mobile-only strategy, with the benefits of unleashing dialogue, conversation, speed of response, and engagement. The brand then moves from one single message to become a publisher where content is the king. The end-to-end customer experience is very much a big topic today. How does Pepsico handle that?

Cachich: At PepsiCo Brasil, the first step in connecting with the consumer is to create a “visceral relationship.” The second step is what we call the “interactive relationship,” and the third step is what we call “expressive relationship.” The visceral relationship, that is, the “wow” moment, is important for the time of purchase. The interactive relationship is engagement; it is important for the moment of repurchase. The expressive relationship is the pride of being related to the brand and willingness to share the experience. It has never been so important to generate brand experiences for consumers. Where does Pepsico stand on technologies like virtual and augmented reality?

Cachich: We believe that innovation is part of our DNA. New technologies must be part of our dialogue with consumers. Depending on the project and the brand, we are evaluating how new technologies can enrich the experience with the consumer. Considering the influence of technology on consumers and the many forms of consumption, what does the profile of the modern-day marketing leader look like?

Cachich: One must be moved out of inertia to seek new spaces. What brought us here will not be what will lead us on. You need to be much more connected to what’s relevant to consumers. More than talking only about brands, you need to talk about what’s important to people—approaching, enticing, and engaging thousands of consumers with completely different yearnings and lifestyle choices.

It’s not an easy task, but, on the other hand, seeing the results is quite rewarding.

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