Asako Kubo’s Dream Come True

To say that Asako Kubo is passionate about Adobe products is an understatement.

When she’s not making a big impact at work ensuring the success of her customers, Asako can be found training incoming university grads on how to use Adobe products. On her free time, when she’s not studying for her MBA, she’s voluntarily hosting courses on Adobe products for her classmates. And sometimes you’ll even find her on YouTube promoting a new Photoshop feature.

Besides having a fascination and deep appreciation for all things Adobe, there’s another reason why Asako does all this. “I do all this to build relationships with my colleagues and classmates. I love to engage with others and this is the best way to do it!” says Asako.

Asako is an Account Manager in our Tokyo office, where she conducts high-touch sales activities for our Digital Media products. In this role she summarizes that her main goal is to, “Understand the customers first. From there, I build proposals and work with my customers on solving their business issues. My role is challenging but very collaborative, as we work to recommend solutions and close large-scale deals.”

Valuable learning experiences

Not only is Asako making immediate impact in her role, she’s also learning and developing herself in big ways. This includes being chosen to visit our United States headquarters in San Jose, California, as part of a program called “Leadership Circles.”

“I’m very grateful to have participated in the program. It’s a 10-month program to help develop female leaders at Adobe. I got to meet so many talented women from all over the world, who helped me align my goals so that I can be successful. My visit to the headquarters was just the kick-off too! I’ll be receiving more coaching, leading up to another visit to California in July,” says Asako.

Additionally, Asako is utilizing Adobe’s education reimbursement benefit to help her receive a MBA. “I realized that I needed to have more business experience to be more successful, so I’m taking 2-3 classes during the weekdays to receive my MBA. My manager and teammates are very supportive of this, and Adobe will even reimburse me!”

Where passion meets career

For all her passion for Adobe products, when I asked Asako what her favorite product was, I was surprised to learn it wasn’t the typical answer of Photoshop.

Adobe Sign! When I originally got my offer letter from Adobe, I was still working in Hong Kong, so I was thankful I was able to sign my offer electronically. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that. Adobe Sign reminds me of that happy experience that started my tenure here.”

Since then, Asako has been living her full #AdobeLife, so it came as no surprise that the one word she chose to describe her experience here was, “Relationships. My passion and career is all about building relationships and learning new skills, and Adobe makes these dreams come true.”

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