Connecting Lightroom and Bēhance to Your Adobe Portfolio

Photography by Codify Design Studio.

by Chris Converse

posted on 05-08-2018

Why create your content twice? Connect the projects and albums you’ve already created with Adobe Portfolio. Update your portfolio even faster by integrating your photography albums and community pages directly into your portfolio site.

Use Bēhance projects as pages in your portfolio

Bēhance is a community site that showcases creative work. This active community has been around for quite some time, and allows designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, and animators to share, comment, and appreciate creative projects.

Adobe Portfolio is a new service that lets designers curate their best work into a portfolio. So, if you already have some projects you’ve posted on Behance, you can include them in your Adobe Portfolio instead of double-posting them.

When creating your Adobe Portfolio, you’ll be prompted to include your Bēhance pages as part of your portfolio. This feature allows you to continue sharing your work on the creative network while leveraging that same content in your portfolio.

When logged into Adobe, visit Adobe Portfolio and begin editing your portfolio. If you haven’t begun creating your portfolio, be sure to read this article on Getting Started with Adobe Portfolio.

Visit the Manage Content panel on the left sidebar, and you’ll see a gallery named Projects that includes pages generated from your Bēhance projects. The small “Bē” icon on the page thumbnail signifies that the content is linked to your Bēhance profile.

When you want to update a Bēhance page, you have the choice to make updates on Bēhance or in Adobe Portfolio. If you make changes within Bēhance, open the Manage Content panel in your portfolio, click the gear icon on the corresponding page, and choose “Re-import from Bēhance.” This will synchronize the content from Bēhance to your Adobe Portfolio.

Similarly, if you update a Bēhance page within Adobe Portfolio, you can push those changes directly back to Bēhance. In the Manage Content panel within your portfolio, click on the gear icon for the Bēhance page and choose “Update on Bēhance.” This will synchronize the content from Adobe Portfolio to your Bēhance project.

Manage photos with Lightroom, share them with Portfolio

While managing content in Adobe Portfolio is a breeze, Lightroom is still better suited for managing your photography library. This is where the Lightroom integration in Portfolio comes in handy.

To begin, log in to your Lightroom account.

If you have uploaded photos to your Lightroom account, then you’re ready to create an album. Click the plus (+) sign next to albums in the left sidebar and name your new album. Next, click and drag photos into your new album. Once you have added photos to the album, return to the Adobe Portfolio in order to add the album to your portfolio.

In order to create a gallery based on a Lightroom album, open the Manage Content panel in Adobe Portfolio and choose “Lightroom Album.” A new pop-up window will open in your browser displaying all of the Lightroom albums you have created in Lightroom web. Select an album and click the Import Selected button. Your album will appear as a new gallery in the Manage Content panel within Adobe Portfolio.

In order to make changes to your Lightroom-based gallery, you’ll need to go back to Lightroom. Once you are back in Lightroom, you can add, edit, or delete images from your album as desired. When your album edits are complete, go back to the Manage Content panel in Adobe Portfolio, then click the gear next to the corresponding gallery, and choose Reset from Lightroom. All of the edits you made in Lightroom will be synchronized to your portfolio.

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