Christina Arizpuro’s Career, Family and Non-Stop Learning

You may not know who Christina Arizpuro is, but you may know her story. She’s a successful woman in sales, a lifelong learner and a working mother. Christina, who is a Senior Technology Account Manager for the State and Local Government team, works primarily in the field, selling the full suite of Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.

Christina has been with Adobe for three years, and while she has worked for other large technology firms in the past, she was attracted to Adobe for its culture and reputation in the industry. She points to strong leadership and excellent customer relationships as Adobe’s key differentiators. She has also become an advocate for the Adobe culture and serves on the Women’s Executive Leadership Program where she works with other Adobe women leaders from around the world, addressing complex work issues and developing solutions to help others maintain a fulfilling work-life experience.

Prior to joining Adobe, Christina earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation Administration Systems, and her Master’s in Educational Leadership. While she initially thought she might go into event planning or the field of education, she found her niche in technology sales. And although she’s out of school now, she sees herself as a student for life, and there is no other field that changes as quickly as technology. As Christina likes to say, “you really have to be a lifelong learner to keep up.”

Diverse customers, diverse challenges

Christina has worked with State and Local governments for over 20 years and has a passion for helping them achieve success through innovative technology solutions. With Adobe, Christina is helping agencies deliver the same personalized services provided by the retail and banking industries, that Citizens have come to expect from government. And what makes government sales both challenging and rewarding, is her diverse set of customers.

In just one day Christina navigates through a vast dichotomy of customers. She may visit with the Los Angeles County technical team in the morning, a water utility account in the afternoon, and then conduct a webinar with the County of San Diego in the evening. And each customer has different challenges that the Adobe Marketing Cloud can solve. By helping agencies work smarter and more effectively, Christina is helping improve their ability to solve their own challenging issues. And Christina’s hard work and dedication to her customers isn’t going unnoticed—just recently she was a finalist for the Women in Sales Award for Best Women in Software & Technology Sales!

Being a mother in the workplace

If a successful career weren’t enough, Christina has another role she is extremely proud of: Mother. After transitioning from marketing to sales and graduating from college, Christina found time to build a career, get married, and start a family. But the job culture was very different when her children were young; she was the only woman and minority on the sales team, her coworkers were at least ten years older than her, and their wives stayed home raising their children. As the only working mom on the team, Christina was careful not to share personal details, like if her kids were sick. Luckily, things are much easier now that Christina is at Adobe and her kids are older. Today, she works in an environment where many of her coworkers juggle work and families in a much more supportive workplace.

Her experience as a working mother has made Christina a huge advocate for Adobe’s excellent quality of life benefits. She urges her younger colleagues who are starting families to take advantage of the amazing six-month maternity leave Adobe offers to bond with their babies. “You don’t get that time back,” she says. She also touts Adobe’s benefits in terms of childcare and elder care as excellent for supporting families, not to mention the schedule flexibility they allow to address events at home.

As for what’s next for Christina’s #AdobeLife? Well, when her children were younger, Christina didn’t actively pursue leadership roles. It was important at the time that she manage her responsibilities. But now that her kids are older, one thing is for sure: Christina’s love of learning, impressive ability to multitask, and successful career track record, coupled with the vast opportunities at Adobe, means endless possibilities for her!

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