Driving Efficiencies Across Search Campaigns

by Jennifer Bartell

posted on 05-09-2018

When its paid media investments began yielding diminishing returns, Indiabulls Housing & Finance Ltd (IBHFL) sought guidance to turn the trend around. The digital marketing agency Social Kinnect suggested taking a smarter approach to paid search ads.

India’s second-largest private housing finance company was skeptical initially about investing more in search engine marketing. IBHFL perceived that paid search was too costly and complex to deliver significant return on investment (ROI). Luckily, Social Kinnect, helped IBHFL understand that the free search engine campaign tools that it used weren’t powerful or scalable enough to make a difference. Adobe Advertising Cloud Search in Adobe Experience Cloud, on the other hand, delivers scalability, intelligence, and flexibility.

“Some solutions are too rigid with how search campaigns are developed and managed,” says Mihir Palan, Account Director, Digital Media Planning & Buying, Social Kinnect. “Adobe Advertising Cloud Search enables us to look at many variables and balance our clients’ budgets and goals to achieve the best outcomes.”

Setting up new, automated search campaigns featuring custom bid rules and targeted KPIs was key to Social Kinnect’s new strategy for IBHFL. Using the Smart Bidding capability in Advertising Cloud Search, Social Kinnect enabled IBHFL to target various audience segments with different campaigns based on their interests. For example, one target audience may see an ad for basic home loans, while another sees content specifically targeted at the affordable housing segment. This degree of targeting enabled Social Kinnect to help its client generate 40% more leads daily, optimize cost per click by more than 50%, and reduce overall cost-per-lead by 9%.

IBHFL is also benefitting from the Spend Recommendation feature in Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, which intelligently finds patterns in campaign performance data and automatically adjusts campaigns to maximize the budget. Spend Recommendation, powered by Adobe Sensei, helps achieve the best possible results in the most cost-effective way.

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