Building a Platform for the Future: The Team Behind Adobe XD

by Paul Gubbay

posted on 05-15-2018

The design industry has gone through significant change in the last several years. We’ve moved from a model of “I design how it looks” to “We design how it works.” Static mockups are no longer sufficient to describe a great experience. Instead, today’s modern design teams work together collaborating in real time with stakeholders, customers, and developers to produce compelling experiences via prototypes that capture the look, feel, and interactivity between a user and a new product or website.

When we created Adobe XD, we set out to build a platform for the modern designer. This afforded us the perfect opportunity to learn and build at the same time. As we honed and refined our process for meeting customers, testing ideas, and iterating on designs, we surfaced those learnings back to our product team as new feature requests for XD. In case you were curious, we absolutely design and test all new XD features within XD. In fact, the entire Adobe design team has standardized on XD and shares designs and prototypes for existing and new products on a daily basis across all levels within the organization. We’re building this platform as much for ourselves as we are for you.

Creating a team that can collaborate and innovate to see through Adobe’s vision for an all-in-one design, prototype, and experience platform takes the careful assembly of the right kind of talent from a myriad of backgrounds. It takes passionate designers and developers who eat, live, and breathe experience design themselves. It takes perfectionists.

This is exactly how I’d describe the team behind Adobe XD.

Meet the Adobe XD team; a committed, collaborative, and quirky bunch.

Topics: Creativity

Products: Creative Cloud