Advancing Experience-Driven Commerce through Our Partner Ecosystem

by Errol Denger

posted on 05-22-2018

Four years ago, Adobe launched the Experience Driven Commerce program. Our vision was to empower brands to break free from the rigid store models offered by commerce software to create rich experiences that connected with customers across the entire shopping journey. We integrated Adobe Experience Cloud with commerce platforms like CommerceTools, Digital River, Elastic Path, Hybris, Skava, and Magento to help customers deliver rich shopping experiences across customer touchpoints.

As shoppers were looking for a wider array of omnichannel experiences, the commerce journey became even more complex and fractured. We innovated by launching Fluid Experiences for omnichannel engagement and developed Adobe Sensei services to further optimize commerce experiences with the help of AI and machine learning.

With the addition of the Magento Commerce Cloud, we will be able to power the next generation of commerce, which is completely embedded into the overall customer experience — moving beyond the web shopping cart to include mobile, social, in-product and in-store. Magento is built on proven, scalable technology, used by mid-market and enterprise customers worldwide, and supported by a large ecosystem of over 300,000 developers.

We recognize that the commerce market spans a wide range of segments, industries, and scenarios across a diverse solution ecosystem. To support these broad requirements, we are committed to continuing the Experience Driven Commerce program and supporting our partner ecosystem and joint customers. We remain dedicated to providing an open platform that amplifies our customers’ existing investments and delivering the flexibility to innovate, extend, and integrate Adobe solutions into today’s heterogeneous environments.

For more information please visit Adobe Experience Driven Commerce.

Topics: Digital Transformation, Corporate Marketer

Products: Experience Cloud