Introducing Adobe Target TV: Your Source for Bite-Sized Tips from Adobe Target Users and Experts

Brought to you by the Adobe Target community.

Image source: Adobe Stock / eldarnurkovic.

by Amelia Waliany

posted on 05-22-2018

Many of you likely know that Adobe Target hosts a growing community of customers who all share the common goal of extracting as much optimization success as possible out of Adobe Target and their other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. In the community, users from all over the world pose technical and general questions about Adobe Target, and benefit from the thoughtful responses, follow-up questions, discussions, and resources shared by their customer peers and Adobe consultants, product managers, engineers, and data scientists.

My goal as the Adobe Target community manager is to nurture and engage with you, our users, to help you better understand and master the powerful capabilities of Target. From creating interactive guides and in-product how-to videos, to building intelligent guided journeys within Experience League, a large part of my role involves curating and collaborating on the creation of digital content that meets the needs that you and other Adobe Target users voice within the Adobe Target community.

With that goal in mind, I headed to Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, where I had the opportunity to interview both Adobe experts and outstanding Adobe Target customers who were presenting in Personalization track sessions. With over 250 sessions being delivered over the course of the conference, it’s no surprise that the information began fitting nicely into some larger recurring themes across Adobe Summit keynotes, breakout sessions, and labs. My objective was simple: to distill these information-rich sessions for you and package them into bite-sized, conversational messages about the key takeaways, while ensuring that the tips shared by my interview subjects are accessible and actionable. And just like that, Adobe Target TV came to be.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and take a peek at a couple of the high-level themes at Adobe Summit by exploring some of the Adobe Summit Session teasers featured on Adobe Target TV:

Theme 1: The future is now — artificial intelligence (AI) and everywhere personalization

I had the chance to catch-up with product and engineering leaders about the future of machine learning and AI, and how plans for Adobe Sensei could open use cases that are just on the brink of feasibility (see S714, “The Future of Experience Optimization”). Meanwhile, another interview of co-presenters from Adobe product management and Adobe data science provided an overview of some of the latest Adobe Target features driven by Adobe Sensei, highlighting how customers can leverage these AI capabilities today (see S708, “Adobe Sensei in Adobe Target: Automating A/B Testing & Personalization).

Theme 2: Discovering concrete value from Adobe Experience Cloud integrations

As is the case in the world of digital marketing, the stronger your data, the stronger your optimization program. This truth was evident in the conversations I had with several customers whose Adobe Summit presentations centered around the highly recommended integration between Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics known as “A4T.” Our conversations ranged from implementing to leveraging the integration for a quicker, more confident move from data capture to data action (see S404, “How to Power True Personalization with Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics”). Similarly, but through a slightly different lens, another set of presenters focused more on the technical aspects of the A4T integration — for example, discussing how to set-up the A4T integration and how to use the debugger tool to verify data flows (see S901, “A4T Decoded: A is for Analytics, T is for Target”).

The above list of Adobe Target TV videos intends to give a taste of what’s available on this new channel — it’s certainly not comprehensive. Additional key Summit session themes covered by Adobe Target TV videos include building and maturing your program, mobile optimization and personalization, hack sessions, and other recommended sessions.

If any of these themes sparks your interest and feels relevant to where you are and what you need in your optimization program, be sure to visit the Adobe Target TV Community thread that contains links to each of the Summit session teasers. Just browse through, watch the teaser videos, and figure out which sessions you want to watch in their entirety. Then head on over to the Adobe Summit website to access further resources.

Topics: Digital Transformation, Personalization

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