Contributor Spotlight: Tom Sarraipo

by Adobe Stock Team

posted on 05-23-2018

Born in Switzerland, educated in France, and currently based in Portugal, Tom Sarraipo is a multilocal designer specializing in editorial design. He has been fascinated with photography since he was a child, and images play a central role in his layouts. Tom created custom templates for Adobe Stock, which are also available directly in InDesign CC (when you open up the “new document” dialogue). We spoke with Tom about his road to becoming a designer and his process for creating templates.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

When I was a child I wanted very much to be a professional photographer. I was fascinated with the infinite possibility of photography. I also loved to sing, and I was part of a choir. But at that time, I wasn’t looking at design as I am today — that curiosity came later when I was teenager.

Why did you decide to specialize in editorial design?

In college I realized that I had a “good eye” for this field and went on to get a master’s degree in editorial design. The beauty of books, magazines, covers, and eBooks have always fascinated me, and I love how pages can convey so much power and provide so much visual information.

Download Tom’s Adventure Digital Magazine Layout for free.

How would you describe your style and approach to design?

Geometric, clean, minimalist, flat, elegant, and corporate — I usually combine some elements of all of those in my work. Of course I like and enjoy other styles. I love abstract or futuristic looks, and I get crazy when I see them everywhere. I really admire the vision of their creators and how they can idealize such great things.

What makes a good editorial layout?

Design is not only essential in the editorial area, but a truly determining element for effective communication. Whether for print or digital, I believe in the importance of establishing a hierarchy between the page and the elements that make up the composition. As I discussed in my master’s thesis, photography has great weight and power to communicate in the editorial field. Whatever the category is, photography is the visual support of written information which guides us to a better perception of what our eyes see.

What was the process behind creating your templates for InDesign?

Sketching wireframes is fundamental to realize concepts and ideas into a clear design. I start to define the settings and the master page. Afterward I create titles, text frames, and some paragraph styles. At the same time, I’m creating placeholder images and graphic elements to fit with those text frames. In the end, I make the final adjustments to layout and content, then I finalize the document into a template.

Download Tom’s Minimalist Presentation Layout template on Adobe Stock.

How do you get into the mindset of your users and potential buyers of these templates?

A design must reflect a unique identity in order to achieve the maximum aesthetic impact. On stock websites, thumbnails and previews have a very strong role in the purchase. They demonstrate in a direct way how the template is composed, so it must be always well-presented and clear. It’s also important to have versatility in my stock, so I always try to create unique, dynamic, and different things, and respond to the maximum satisfaction of the customers who buy my templates.

Where do you find inspiration?

Photography, websites, exhibitions, music, supermarkets, events, on the street, posters, movies, videos — pretty much everywhere!

Download Tom’s Website Layout template on Adobe Stock.

You were born in Switzerland but studied in France, and now you are based in Lisbon. What led you to move around Europe, and how do you think each place has influenced your work?

I think each country has its own approach. When I had my Erasmus experience in Reims, France, for six months, I was very inspired by French design and their approach to the arts. I also paid close attention to how the French fashion industry approaches photography. But it was in Portugal that I saw my progress, and I learned so much about graphic and editorial design and really began to understand how it works.

Do you have any tips for people who are getting started in graphic design, or want to be better editorial designers?

Start following experienced designers and their work — it’s a great way to learn, to see their progress, and keep up with good content. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and get brand-new ideas for work. Strive always to keep learning and evolving, to take new challenges, and meet inspiring new people.

Download Tom’s Book Layout template on Adobe Stock.

See more of Tom’s work on Behance and on Adobe Stock.

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