It’s Worth Measuring Your Marketing’s True Worth

Four essentials of building a high-impact marketing measurement framework.

by Bryant Hoopes

posted on 05-28-2018

Empowered by access to numerous channels and devices, customers no longer follow a linear path to reach you. In your pursuit to delight them at every intersection, you may already be investing in marketing across multiple channels.

But are you doing what it takes to measure whether those investments are paying off?

By building an advanced attribution framework, you can gain visibility into your entire marketing ecosystem in a holistic, interconnected way, and assess the status of your marketing KPIs, content, campaigns, and channels. This will even ensure smooth handoff between your marketing and sales teams.

Building this impartial view of marketing performance will also enable you to optimize and prioritize your marketing spends across channels and campaigns.

Check out this detailed guide on the essentials of decoding multitouch attribution, “Solving the Marketing Attribution Riddle.

The guide offers recommendations and ready-to-apply best practices from Adobe experts for building an attribution framework that objectively assigns credit to each touchpoint along a buyer’s journey to conversion, and empowers you to measure the true ROI on your marketing investments.

Download your copy of the step-by-step guide.

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