Leading by Example

by Maria Mihajlovic

posted on 05-29-2018

The ways people build and use things continually change, and that’s the exciting challenge that Sweco looks forward to tackling every day. The Danish architectural and engineering consultancy focuses on projects that meet the practical needs of today and the potential needs of tomorrow. For example, today’s cities unavoidably affect the environment, so Sweco tries to meet clients’ needs while minimizing the overall impact of its projects on climate, clean air, and clean water.

To minimize its own environmental impact, the European engineering consultants at Sweco set a goal to become a green leader in Denmark, eliminating paper-based processes by the end of 2018. To help achieve its goal, Sweco targeted its HR department’s paper-based processes for recruiting and hiring. After exploring different solutions for electronic signatures, Sweco selected Adobe Sign, which was already in use at Sweco Sweden.

By implementing Adobe Sign, Sweco cut HR contract turnaround time from more than one week to less than one day while improving accuracy and security of documents. The electronic signature solution reduces administrative burdens at the company’s HR department and makes it easier for employees to see the status of all documents and support each other as needed.

“Adobe Sign has removed a huge administrative workload from the HR team, making processes easier and faster,” says Fie Møller Sørensen, HR Coordinator, Sweco. “We can help each other and support the company better, which leads to positive benefits beyond just the HR team.”

One of the best benefit of Sweco’s new Adobe Sign implementation is its impact on new hires. From any device in any location, signatories can view, fill in, and sign and return documents. There’s no need to print, scan, or mail documents, which removes much of the stationery and postage costs previously associated with finding a scanner or a post office to return signed contracts. Sweco has made great savings on postage and stationary costs., while freeing HR employees to provide more comprehensive support to new hires.

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Topics: Digital Transformation