Maxim Integrated: Succeeding Through Personalization

by Emily Chu

posted on 05-29-2018

Maxim Integrated creates the technology inside the technology. The company designs, manufactures, and sells integrated, semiconductor-based components that are the building blocks for digital technologies in everything from automobiles, consumer electronics, and networked communications equipment to industrial systems and medical devices.

To help customers find the products they need to get to market faster, Maxim replaced its old in-house web content management and digital asset management systems with Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Assets. Adobe Experience Manager Assets stores and tags more than 30 thousand assets, including templates, branded logos, product images, and documentation, making them easier for the marketing team to manage.

In addition to helping customers easily find the information they seek for more than 100,000 SKUs, tagging helps Maxim build contextual relationships between assets, pages, and users. Marketers then use Adobe Target to push relevant information to customers based on their known interests. And with Search&Promote in Adobe Target, the team can take things one step further by identifying and promoting the most successful content and assets to customers.

“Adobe Experience Manager is the engine behind digital communications at Maxim, but tagging provides the fuel,” says Robert Reneau, Director of Digital Marketing at Maxim Integrated. “By paying attention to the highest performing content for different audiences and tags, we can push relevant information in front of customers to deliver a smoother and more personalized online experience.”

Maxim’s sales team is also benefitting from the new website by way of an internal sales portal that sits on top of the customer-facing site. Because all content is pulled from the same location, sales representatives searching for product details will receive the same information as customers, with additional internal content to support their efforts.

Another key benefit that Adobe Experience Cloud delivers for Maxim is the ability to connect its website with additional systems both natively and through API Connectors. Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target can feed data from the main website to the Maxim ecommerce site, email, search, and digital and print documents, effectively extending the reach of content and eliminating redundancies.

Adobe Experience Manager also integrates with Maxim’s SAP Hybris ecommerce logistics engine to improve online experiences for customers. By delivering the customer experience with Adobe and powering ecommerce with SAP, Maxim Integrated has increased online revenues by 300%.

Rounding out Maxim’s integrated toolset is Adobe Analytics, which helps the team see what works on the website, create unique audience segments, and deliver better customer experiences based on data. Maxim is now working with Adobe Customer Solutions to help optimize and expand its analytics program and gain insights into next steps.

To find out more, read the case study here.

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